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I'm all out of herb

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slave2TheRhythm, May 8, 2011.

  1. And I want some so bad. :(

    Is this the beginning of perhaps addiction? I mean, I know that it's not supposed to be addictive and stuff, but perhaps it is the high you get addicted to?

    I'm seriously irritated by the fact I can't smoke one. Fuck!
  2. I call it mentally addictive.
  3. Of course it's addictive. I can't deny i am totally addicted to smoking weed, the amount of money and effort i put into getting smoke shows this, running out is so shit, still just try to occupy your time and look forward to the next time your able to pick up :)
  4. Get absolutely fucked up on whiskey instead.
  5. Yeah but I'm having some relationship trouble so it'd be very helpful to just toke and relax, and ponder about it y'know.

    But hey I'll probably hit up a good friend/dealer to go get some so it's all good, just wish I could toke right now!

    Remember guys: A friend with weed is a friend indeed!
  6. Lol don't have no whiskey either but hey I guess a beer will do. :D
  7. inhale some solvents.
  8. I drink when i run out of bud, but then I wake up hungover and REALLY want to toke to get rid of the hangover. lol
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  11. These. Simultaneously.
  12. Weed (for me anyway) is absolutely addictive. If I go without a toke for a few days I get a little cranky, but then I remind myself, "It's just weed, dude."
  13. Sometimes I think I should pull away from this, maybe I'm becoming too dependant on it whenever I have problems...

  14. I cant answer for how it affects you, but think about it this way. Eating dessert is awesome. Video games, macaroni, ramen, and mucho mango tea is awesome (ok, i sincerely apologize if this post makes anyone hungry). Just because you think something is awesome, doesn't mean that you are addictive. To me, marijuana is addictive in the sense that all great things are worth doing again and again.

    That being said, if marijuana is affecting your relationships with others, job/schoolwork, etc., it might be time for a change.
  15. Go buy some more?
  16. find your grinder and scrape out the crevices full of kief you will love it.
  17. of course pot is addictive, anyone who says otherwise is ignorant...

    shit people get addicted to food for christ sake... much more something that makes you feel as awesome as being stoned....

    for me, i have a super addictive personality... i honestly, just dont like the sober feeling... but i know how dangerous that is... i was addicted to prescription pain killers for about 5 years.. beat it. now when i feel like i need to get fucked up, i smoke a bowl, and i've found i can "medicate" by smoking 3-4 times a day... as long as i do that, everything works perfectly fine.. and when i can't.. drinking is a decent substitute.. but makes me feel like shit afterwards, so i try to avoid that...

    pot for me, falls between coffee and cigarettes.. i like to have a cup or two of coffee in the mornings, but if i dont, i'm fine, just takes a little bit to be fully alert... cigs is different, if i dont have cigs, i'm gonna get some... even if it involves getting out of the house to go to the store and pick some up at crazy hours of the night....

    pot..i like to smoke a couple bowlpacks in the morning, but if i dont.. and since i can't get drunk in the morning, it's gonna be a shitty day... i'll still go through all my daily routines, get shit done.. but the whole time im just like "meh"

    i've found the more days i go in a row smoking the worse the "meh" is...i try to counter it by smoking about 2 weeks every day straight, and then taking off a week... then repeat...

    oh and for the record i've tried SSRI's, Benzo's, etc for depression/anxiety (since that's what the doc says is wrong with me) and they just don't fix it... and have horrible side effects like weight gain, and amnesia. so... until they make it legal for me to just smoke a bowl, and fix the problem. when i need to.. i'm gonna do it illegally, it's either that, or stuff goes horribly wrong in my life.... funny to say that weed actually keeps my life together..but it does.
  18. I used to be like this. Running out of weed fucking sucks.

    Take it from me, take a few days off as a T break until the herb is plentiful again. You'll get baked when you get some again
  19. I dont have any either lol but im addicted to cigs and pot is like way easier to go without
  20. i'll tell you what a good friend told me one time, that has helped me when i get that shitty feeling....

    we were on a totally unrelated subject, but since addiction, is on my mind 24 hours a day..literally a constant inner struggle, it rang true.. he said.. "Life is really silly.. i think that what i've learned is that really, all that that matters is the food in your belly, and the roof over your head, and the rest is just all fucking make believe"

    its so true.. we shouldn't even worry about the things we "feel," it's just no necessary.. its funny when people say things you wouldnt expect.. and i def. didnt expect that from him, considering he's one of those guys..great friend, but he's a military man, 3 tours, south korea, Iraq, Afghanistan.. he's seen alot.

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