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I'm Agnostic, Girlfriend is Christian, Problem?

Discussion in 'General' started by PostPunk420, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. I've been dating this girl for about two months now. I'm Agnostic. She's Christian. I've always wondered if Christian/not Christian relationships can work out. She says she would not leave me as long as I am still open-minded towards Christianity. I'm in love with her, and she says she's in love with me. We are both looking for commitment in our relationship yet I am constantly afraid of having my heart broken by her breaking up with me one day, because I am not a Christian. I have been a hopeless romantic for too long, and I finally found love in the girl of my dreams. To me, love is love, doesn't matter what religion your significant other is affiliated with. From life experience, can Christian/not Christian relationships work out?
  2. If you really love each other as you say, then it should work out man.
  3. It depends on her. Honestly it can be heaven or hell. =p

    Some Christians are okay with going out with non-Christian guys and they're fairly open minded about it. Others wouldn't dare think of it. Just talk to her about it and see where you both stand and how you feel about it.

    I'm kind of in your same boat. I'm semi-Christian and my boyfriend is Agnostic. We've talked about religion and I'm fine with him being whatever and he's fine with me being whatever the hell I am. We both agreed with not raising our kids in a church. It just takes some talking.
  4. if shes going to break up with you because you don't believe some fairy tail book, you fell in love with the wrong girl...
  5. yes, they can work out very well..as long as neither of you try to tell the other person they are wrong for what they believe *which is what im assuming she means by keeping an open mind toward it*
    and i mean hey...i kno two months aint that long....but if youve made it thus far with no religion issues then y worry about it
    the biggest issue ive found in these sort of relationships are when morals collide or when a kid is involved
  6. Well, we're all Christians... if they story is true, then Jesus died for the sins of all mankind. We are all members of the body of Christ, we're are all children of God, and the holy spirit lives within us all. It's not a choice you get to make.

    Also, in case you get married... the faith of one lover is enough to save both souls, so if she has faith, it doesn't matter if you don't.

    All this is in the New Testament.
  7. Say you won't leave her is she is open-minded about Agnosticism. Seriously, no one knows whats going on in the universe, no one has any idea what happens after death. All we know about death is that you have a extremely heavy psychedelic experience when you leave your body. Have you ever done LSD, pretty weird how people have auras around them isn't it? What is even more fucking crazy is that when you take LSD, you are seeing the raw image of the world. It opens up visual receptors in your brain and lets you see the whole thing. I have never heard about auras in Christianity, they are fucking there man. I believe the auras have something to do with your spirit. You probably think I am crazy, but if you do LSD you will understand. Why wouldn't a relationship of conflicting viewpoints not work? I personally think religion is just another reason to destroy and murder. If she is open-minded (most Christians are not) she will stay with you regardless of your religious views. Fuck people who think they can't associate with people outside their religion. This is in no way directed towards you girlfriend, just the close mindedness of these Christians of fucking appaling. I know so many of them, and they never understand anything I try to tell them about the expansion of the mind through altered states of conciousness.
  8. she says she would prefer that i am a christian. she also said that a family that prays together, stays together. the latter worries me. is she trying to say that she would like me to be a christian before marriage?
  9. fuck that, FUCK THAT. My brothers last girlfriend did the exact same fucking thing, tried to convert him. When they were engaged she cheated on him twice.
  10. If the family that prays together stays together..... show her some Christian divorce stats. =p
  11. it's only a problem if you make it a problem

  12. If you guys love each other, then your religion should not be a problem. You love another person for THEM, not for their beliefs. The family that prays together stays together? What a joke. How about the family that has love, support, and trust stays together. She should respect that you guys just have different beliefs and if that's too hard for her, then pick another fish in the sea. Everyone has at least 5 soulmates, and if you believe different, you need to start getting out more.
  13. Yes. It is a problem. You're dating a dumb girl.

    hahaha, I only kid!

    I'm an agnostic kid with Southern Baptist parents. We haven't broken up yet. Hehe. But seriously....don't let it interfere. Embrace your differences. But with any relationship don't start planning on marriage until you guys are 100% used to each other. Otherwise you are gonna get your heart broken.
  14. It could be a problem, or it could be fine. At this stage in the relationship, I don't see any reason to worry too much. But be mindful of subtle attempts to back you into a corner as things become more and more serious. A lot of Christians reach points in their lives where a switch is suddenly flipped, and they go into emergency soul-saving mode. At that point, you'll have to chose whether you want to sacrifice the relationship, or your integrity. Of course, that usually doesn't happen until after marriage/kids, so it'd be too late anyway.
  15. my girlfriend is catholic and i am not...the only problem that arises from this is when i talk about how much of an asshole jesus is and talk down about god and the catholic religion so i just try and refrain from doing so and it all works out
  16. Honestly, this just sounds like a nice way of her to say that if you don't eventually come around and accept Christianity, she'll try dragging you to church, or leave you, etc. Honestly, what does "open-minded towards Christianity" even mean? It sounds like you already know it's not the thing for you, what's left to keep an open mind about?

    I would definitely get this issue sorted out now before it becomes a major issue later on.
  17. I'm an atheist, my girlfriend is a Christian. We talk about religion but both respect each others religious views and don't believe in shoving them down each others throats. So it can work out fine, I'm very happy with my girlfriend right now. Just don't push her or force her to be agnostic to and ask her not to force you to be Christian.
  18. My parents have been together for over 20 years, my Dad being Christian and my Mom being Jewish. It worked for them.
  19. well man,

    slippery slope.

    take it all in stride and try to keep the big picture in mind. .
    open minded was the word she used, id keep that phrase.

    seems like if you can both respect that the other has different opinions on a topic that is undeniably unproven by logic or any physical evidence

    you be aight
  20. If she is a died hard christian i would dump because there is a high chance of her dumping you. If shes not continue with the relationship.

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