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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. my neighbors fuckin dog has fucked up my sleeping in for the last time. usually i feel guilty even if i kill insects, but every fuckin morning for the past 2 weeks this dog is loose running around the neighborhood, and every fuckin morning i gotta hear my dad scurry back inside n slam into the house like a little fuckin girl cuz he cant just kick the fuckin dog or let my dog go so it can do somethin while he kicks the dog, and i dont ever get to sleep in on my weekend when thats all i look forward to all week.

    now, this isnt like ur friendly bark at you dog but when you pet it its cool, its bit a few of my neighbors including my dad, and almost me except i kicked it in its fuckin mouth, n my dad n other neighbors have called the cops a few times but they never seem to do anything at all (like the useless swine that they are)

    so you know what i\'m gona do? i\'m gonna wait til its later in the day n that fuckers outside again, n whether its on its chain or not, i\'m gonna fuckin beat it to death with a baseball bat and then drag it down into the woods so my neighbors will think \"oh it just got off its chain... again\"

    fuck that dog
  2. Before you do that and face charges if you get caught, have you tried calling animal controll? I know they have laws about barking dogs in my area and you could get fined if your dog keeps barking and pissing people off.
  3. We really don\'t need a thread like this. I hope you reconsider what you plan to do.
  4. Neg, you complain about your threads getting closed but do you seriously wonder why?

    Yeah, you\'ve been here a while and you\'ve always been welcome but this type of content isn\'t welcome here. Members reported your thread because they don\'t want to read this shit. If you need to be consistently violent and negative, maybe you should consider taking it elsewhere.
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