Im afraid to smoke again!!!

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  1. hey everybody,
    this is my first time ever posting something on this website. i come to you

    guys for support and some suggestions about this problem i have everytime

    i smoke. I started smoking about 2 years ago, ive never had problems with

    paranoia or acting stupid. i usually just smoke and relax, hang with some

    friends and just enjoy myself. i stopped smoking right before i graduated

    highschool, i was looking for a parttime job and just wanted to be clean for a

    couple of months. i was worried about drug tests and all that good stuff, so

    my friend told me about K2. I smoked it and it was amazing. i got wicked

    stoned and it felt just like weed. The 4th time i smoked it, i smoked in my

    room for the first time by myself, it was like 2am and i was pretty bored. i

    took 2-3 hits from my bong and was already blazed. thats when shit started

    to hit the fan.... i was so high that it felt like i went from using 5% of my

    brain power to like 80-90%. i was thinking so much, so much that i actually

    hurt my self. something in my mind was just taking over me. i started to get

    this ringing sound in my ear and soon that ringing sound transformed into pain

    throughout my whole body. any move that i made felt like my joints were

    gonna pop. worse pain i have ever felt. i couldnt keep my mind off this thing

    that was taking over it. it was literally a battle to stay sane. i layed on my

    bed and tried not to move a muscle. the pain stopped but i was still getting

    mind raped. i tried to play a video game... bad idea, i put on some

    headphones.... bad idea. then i put on the tv. this seemed to help distract

    me from the evil thing that was in my mind. When im high i tend to over

    analyze EVERYTHING. like i cant help but try to find an answer or figure out

    how something works. it can be how a football play works, or how the

    goverment works. i just think so hard all the time. and it finally got to me

    that night. but anyways, the tv seemed to be the best thing that helped me.

    i ended up falling asleep 3 hours later. i woke up and i was shooken up

    badly. i told my friend and he said that it might have been the k2. so like 2

    months later i tried smoking weed to see if it was the k2. i was with my friend

    this time. again i got super baked and went to hooters. i was trying so hard

    not to go crazy, the pain wasnt there but i started to shake and twitch a

    little. good thing they had the football game on or else i would have had an

    incident in front of all my friends. me and my friend left and for some reason i

    smoked again. we had like 2 bowl packs combined. we went to his house and

    i started to feel the pain again in my legs and arms. so i told brett and he

    started to talk to me to calm me down. the high wore off and i went to bed

    fine. if he wasnt there i would have went crazy. that was the last time i

    smoked. it was about a month ago.

    so am i smoking to much? it wasnt the k2 because the weed did the same thing to me.
    how do you think i should go about this situation?
    i still want to smoke because i just love it.
    has anyone experienced this b4?
  2. Did you experience the same thing with weed after you smoked k2?

    Pretty sure it's the k2, don't smoke that shit, it'll only cause problems.
  3. what amazes me is after your first incident with the k2 you decided to still go smoke more of it. even though it was the worst feeling and pain of your life:laughing::laughing::laughing:
  4. This is a long fucking story.

    Dude as far as the K2 goes... I have never tried it but what you explained to me had to of been the K2...

    Weed does not do that shit to you at all...

    Did you only get the feeling when you smoked?
  5. i smoked weed after i smoked the k2. i thought it was only the k2 that did this to me

  6. i smoked weed and i got the same feeling. and yes only when i smoke

  7. i threw out the k2 after that, i went and tried marijuana 2 months later
  8. Dude somethings gotta be fucking wrong here

    It can't be the weed

    or can it?

    maybe u got fucked up shit, that was contaminated

  9. naw dude, i saw my friend pick this shit from his plantt, it was straight marijuana

  10. :rolleyes:

  11. Exactly dude. ;)
  12. It's just weed, don't be afraid young one.
  13. You may have just had a low tolerance and smoked too much in a short period of time. Or maybe an underlying mental condition brought on by the weed?
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    Someone did the same fucking story same exact thread title.. different website forum. It's a troll.

    And here it is

  15. good call
  16. New to terminology on this forum. I'm a grower and not a weed newb but I'm a forum neeeeeewb.

    What's a troll? What's a blade?
  17. A blade is a member of grasscity. We're all blades of grass in the city. A troll is a term to describe someone who is like fucking with us, they're posts aren't true, only trying to stir arguments, etc.

  18. ok i guess theres something wrong with trying to get more people to see my issue. no big deal,
  19. I know you're serious, some people are just dumb. Here's the deal. Try smoking less at a time until you build your tolerance up. And since you've had a previous bad experience, you need to completely relax and forget about it before you smoke again. Play some chill music, smoke in a nice relaxing spot. And just do what you enjoy and it won't happen!

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