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I'm addicted

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by applepie28, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. hey GC,

    i have recently realized something about myself. i have no idea why but without music blasting at me i feel empty. no matter what i try to do every time i turn it off or put it down to normal levels i feel depression. techno is the best with the beats but literally anything works, i've even used classical music. so my question is, is it possible to be mentally addicted to music? or am i just being an idiot?
  2. I'm not sure you can get addicted to music, but who knows.
    I think you are just used to listening to music so you feel empty when you don't, if you stop listening to music I'm sure there will be no long-term negative effects.
  3. Perhaps a bit of both? ;)

    I really enjoy loud music as well but I cannot say that I feel in any sort of way addicted to it.. But I think you can be mentally addicted to anything so I don't think your idea is too far'fetched.

  4. i didn't think there would be, minus the depression of course. other than that i think i would be fine. i just cant bring myself to turn it down
  5. this man speaks the truth. i really do notice if i go a day without depressed and unhappy. whenever i listen to music i feel great if its a good song. any music at all keeps me in a better mood then none at all
  6. I think all daily music listeners are addicted to music in different degrees.
  7. You can be addicted to anything, but i don't think you're addicted to music. Do you feel like you world will fall apart if you have to go one day without hearing a single tune? Do you feel like you need music to function? Do you go batshit insane when you don't hear music for a few hours?

    Those are usually signs you're addicted to something.
  8. I know what you mean, music is my life.
  9. yeah your all right, i'm merely a recreational user of music. let us hope this dangerous activity does not lead to any tragic side effects :D:D
  10. i dono man its definitely possible.

    there is tons of research that shows how music effects the brain and stimulates it.

    it may be a long shot but if blasting loud music stimulated your brain enough that it creats a sense of well being or happiness, then ya i could see someone being "addicted" to it.

    and to GirlyS post, i actually answered yes to pretty much every question lol. i may not go batshit insane without it, but i definitely would say i need it.

  11. I laughed, hard.
  12. im sure itd be possible, i hate not having some tunes going, even if its horrible music. just if theres something.

    next time try some good reggae instead of techno and see how that works for ya. soja is really good (soldiers of jah army), tomorrows bad seeds, tribal seeds. oh and definitely check out pasadena, theyre not reggae but theyre incredible. their site is

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