I'm addicted....

Discussion in 'General' started by Visine!, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. But not to weed, to eyedrops:rolleyes: (green RhotoV). I didn't know it was even possible to get addicted to eyedrops but now i always have some in my pocket (and a spare incase i lose that one...). It says on the bottle to only use them 4x a day max but i use them 6-8x a day. Is this bad for my eyes or anything?
  2. I don't see how it can be bad, but I would ease off a little bit.

    I used to be 'addicted' to chapstick, my lips would get instantly chapped if I didn't have chapstick in my pocket...But then I realized it was all in my head and said screw it and don't carry it around anymore.

    But hey, at least it's not meth or something...
  3. Ha, ya I just dont want to go blind or some shit from too many eye drops.
  4. why do you need them?/
  5. Well of course I started using them more when i started smoking 2-3 times a day.
  6. do you work etc?

    if not who cares about red eyes? i been walking around the last 15
    years looking like this fella -->:smoking:
  7. rhoto's are the shit. I wouldn't use them that much every day. Every once in a while is alright. You should get the blue one, Rhoto Ice. They're a little better than the green one
  8. chapstic changes how much moisture your lips produce and causes you too need it more....
  9. i can attest to that ^^^

    but my friend was having seizures quite often and his doctor asked him if he used eye drops and he said yea. THAT WAS THE CAUSE. he stopped using them and the seizures stopped

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