I'm addicted...

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. to the CG Chatroom! I swear, in the passed two 2 days I've spent more time in there, than posting anything on the forums. :eek:

    Who's gonna be on tonight? I'll be working through today, but oh well...got a fat bowl sitting here for me when I get back. :D

    Already had a nice wake n' bake to celebrate end of dry season and to pass the day at work, and make it more interesting.
  2. Thats awsome. I like the wake and bake feelings. I'm chillin here at the library. I went

    for a cruise smoked a j and came back to use the internet.:smoking:
  3. I'd join you if that damn thing would let me...

    It's like its got its own Pillowpants or some shit...

    help me you bastards
  4. Just like 2 lunches a few banquents to cook for. I'm just been tired. But, I have two days off starting tomorrow. :hello:
  5. kewl, i dont have anything else to do this afternoon or evening. im just going to smoke out my fat ass sack i bought.
  6. Kickass, that's what I'll be doing tonight. :) Along with a few beers and sleep. Then, go out tomorrow and party again. Hell yea...
  7. my high is wearing off. i dont know what to do next. should i go for a spin take a

    couple of hits and then come back to the high speed, i fucken love, internet connection

    here at the college library??
  8. It takes many days for me to send a message
  9. Many moons this man had to travel to have his message be heard!

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