Im Addicted To Female Attention

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  1. I used to be a shy humble guy most of my life, but after hs everything changed.
    I never went to college, I started working right out of hs and never stopped since.
    I had dreams, goals, ambition. And I backed it up with action.

    My mind was on my money. Pussy came second.

    Well, it paid off. Ill just say ive been doing very well the last couple years.

    But lately ive put myself in a comfort zone financially, I lost some of that drive I had.
    And its all because of pussy.

    Obviously ive gained a lot of confidence in myself for achieving what I want to.
    And with confidence, good looks and money...comes an ocean of pussy.

    Ive dated and met more girls in the last 3 years than my whole life.
    Ive become accustomed to female attention. I now crave it. I now
    Have ambition for pussy, i have my game face on for pussy.

    Everything else is second. Everything.

    Ive been overspending time and money on nothing productive.
    I spend every weekend and most weekdays simply spending time with girls.

    I dont see my homies at all anymore. Nor family.

    All I care about is having Gods most beautiful creation by my side.

    And if I die tomorrow, I die happy.

    Fuck the world.
  2. Sounds to me like addictive behavior.
  3. relax yourself, you better start making money again or all ur girls are gonna leave you. cuz bandz make all girls dance. 
  4. OP dude, this thread says so much about you man... 
    Not judging you in any way, just saying.
    And it says you're kind of a 'dry' person. 
    Like a dry plant. 
  5. I would actually like you to elaborate.

    I need an opinion from someone looking outside in.

    And even dry plants can serve a beautiful purpouse my man, think about it.
    It's like, you are a plant in a flower pot, that's been neglected for a long time. The dryness of you and the pot suggests that nobody's been watering you for a long time. But you're still alive and surviving on your own by collecting what water there is available.
    And it looks like you could be a great plant, only if someone will water the god damn pot. 
    I don't know. I read your posts and had such thought. 
    Perhaps because you sound like a self made man... and you sound very 'calculating'. 
    And materialistic. 
    You even sound like you're ready to give up. 
    I'm not judging you, I'm just making observations. 
  7. Just be glad you don't have a vagina that craves constant attention cause you know you'd get every drop of it and shiieeettt
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    im addicted to a females attention to my nutzzzzzz
  9. @[member="AbydeBySolace"] What good is money just sitting in the bank? You can always make more money. Who cares how much you spend on a girl if you're enjoying the company. 
  10. fuck the haters player, keep doing what youre doing cause apparently youre doing it just fine.
  11. Do what comes natural to you. Sow your oats, get constantly tested & then settle down when your older. Dont hate the player, change the game
  12. Whatever makes YOU happy, correct?! [:
  13. OP ... I. got da same problem & im married 12yrs .. just read a couple of my posts & responses ...
    anyway wifey & i are tryn to decide if we wanna hit up a swingers spot ... by the way we live in las vegas & we heard the spotz out here are mindblowin ... anywayz she wants to watch me fck other bitchez says itll turn her on .. so im like how do i know this is isnt a set up ?? idk so we'll have to see when we come to dat bridge ..but her point of going is that she'd rather i do it swingin than behind her back .. so im like ok well see wut happns .. shes even willin to threesome as long as she approves wut the bitch looks like & how she act & all this other shit ...

    So bottom line Op .. All your doin is livin it up .. & even if you settle down you'll still be addicted to the babes .. take it from me op .. thats absolutley normal behavior ..& those givin you flack over it are the loner bonerz .. Fck Them !! bcuz the closet they've gotten to a womanz touch is by clickn on their lap top & pullin up their picturez .. then rubbn one out ... so there gonna give you hell over this .. ISayFuckEM ... #HaveFunMyFellowBlade
  14. what guy isn't addicted to female attention?
    shit, im married and I still love when I get the eye from the ladies
    to all you single guys, hit that pussy as much as you can, while you can
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    In my profession, the two are one and the same...
    I kid, I kid.
    In all seriousness, this seems like yet another thread in which someone is boasting about all the "pussy" he gets and how awesome his humongous dick is.
    Seriously? Ever heard of modesty? This whole thread seems like a love letter to your ego.
    If you're actually serious, maybe see a psychiatrist and check if they think you're a sex addict. You don't need to see a psychiatrist to learn modesty, however.
    gotta throw some money on those ass cheeks HOE!!!
  17. OP you do what 90% of guys do.  Nothing wrong with chasing pussy as long as it doesnt negatively effect your life.  Like for me is being financially stable and legit then go get pussy.  I dont spend my only 20 bucks on going to get laid type of deal.. its just common sense.  Most guys dont have it.  
  18. You sound like you recognize you are not prioritizing yet you are obliviously uncaring of the consequences. There is nothing wrong with attention, there is nothing wrong with finding a little joy from getting a girl to swoon for you. But it's when that same little joy becomes a validation in your life, or of who you are, that is when it could be a problem.
  20. hey there, you anywhere near cali

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