Im About To Use My Friends Piss To Pass A Drug Test

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    Titles says it all. In order to get a job at office max I gotta pass a piss test, well I dabbed like 2 weeks ago and I don't think my piss will be clean, so I asked my sober friend for his piss. Luckily my friends are awesome and he gave me some. I got some extra piss, so if anybody needs some feel free to stop by my place ;)
    What stories do you guys have to share? Any advice? Lol
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  2. If your going to do this make sure you gotta way to heat it up because they will take the temp of it
  3. I'm gonna leave it in my car for a few hours and I think that'll do the trick
  4. It probably won't. Your piss needs to be at 96-98 degree at the time you give the sample. Buy a heating pad at CVS right quick.
  5. Alright I have a heating pad, should I just wrap it around the bottle(it's like a shampoo container) and keep it there on the drive to the testing center? I'm starting to get nervous now
  6. Just try to keep it as warm as possible
  7. nuke it if you can for a few secs

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  8. I put the piss in a condom and put handwarmers round all sides then stuck it in my gooch wearing 2 pairs of briefs. Ended up waiting 45 minutes longer than expected and the temp was still fine albeit on the lower end, about 95*F. Worked a charm and got my job.
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  9. My friend said when he did this he put the bottle in the microwave for like 8 seconds and it warned it up, take it for what it's worth
  10. Alright guys, I crouched it and use hand Warner's around the bottle. The results were good :D thanks all
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  11. Epic man well done for pulling it off
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  12. Back when I was a kid I had to take a drug test to get into a program (rather not get into specifics) but I had to take it at one of those toxicology labs where they watch you piss. So I ordered one of those fake dicks online, keep in mind I'm straight up italian. I got the black one, and I just whipped it out and squeezed it to make it piss in the cup, the look on the guys face was priceless. If you're gonna get tested, that's the way to do it.
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  13. Don't do the microwave thing... My friend tried it and the bottle busted and he got piss all over his microwave and said it smelt horrible for days. Keep in mind he was 15 or 16 living with his parents at the time.
  14. Dude trust me on this I've passed 2 tests using other people's pee, all you gotta do is cater to that bag with your balls. Yes your hot sweaty balls--plus it's a good place to hide it (use tight underwear)

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