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Im About To Start Smoking Weed - But Nervous After A Succession Of Bad Experiences

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Espinho, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Hi guys :)
    New to the forum  but I have been lurking for a while for research.
    I'm looking to start smoking weed soon for personal use on my own - to relax on weekends etc. I have done it in the past when I was 16 quite regularly and only had one time where I pulled a whitey.
    Fast forward a few years and it seems every time I smoke I get ill. Like really bad. One time I went back to a girls house after a night out of drinking and shared a spliff in the garden. Ended up feeling light headed, couldn't walk, throwing up. You name. I had every symptom of a whitey. It was one of the worst experiences ever (and also embarrassing haha). This happened twice in my life (both after a night of drinking).
    Last week I went to a BBQ with some friends and had about 5 bottles of beer. Took one hit of someones spliff and had to stop because I knew if I took anymore I would be throwing up and pulling another whitey.
    Now is this simply because I have been drinking then smoking? Or maybe its because tobacco is mixed with it (doubtful as I smoke tobacco often)? I am considering buying a glass pipe so I can take controlled hits. I do have a weak stomach if that contributes to anything.
    As you can see I'm working myself up. I just want to relax and enjoy it without the fear of getting ill.
    Thanks.  :mellow:

  2. What is a whitey?
    Don't smoke a spliff, smoke pure marijuana out of a Joint or a peace of glass so your inhaling less shit. 
    I have greened out before, and felt very ill/panic attacks due to Marijuana usage...But it was only 1 or 2 times out of the 500+ times I have smoked.
    Make sure to get some good chronic, for that pure high instead of a foggy experience that mid will give you.
    Enjoy the herb brother.  :smoke:
  3. Why would you wanna mix something a destructive as alcohol with the herb? If I were you I would buy a high quality vape like the Extreme Q and use that. Vape highs are cleaner and could solve your problem of feeling sick. Mindset is everything when u smoke so turn on se music and get baked
  4. I wouldn't mix alcohol with weed for your first time. If you're not a cigarette smoker, get rid of the tobacco too. For your real first time, get a bowl and some good shit and then lit up. You'll know the difference.
  5. Cheers guys. I thought it might have been a combination of alcohol and over thinking. I will try your suggestions. :)
  6. Thanks bud. Oh and by whitey i mean greened out. Might just be a UK term haha.
  7. You are right it is the combination of weed and alcohol that is making you spin out. 
    If you want to combine the two, smoke your weed first and then drink.
    Drinking first and then smoking will make you more likely to white out.
    I think it is best not to mix drinking and weed if you are not an experienced smoker though.
    I second the idea of getting yourself a good quality vaporizer.
  8. Dude I smoke cigs regularly and every time I smoke a spliff, afterwards I have to go lay down because I feel sick. It's the tobacco, it's not meant to be smoked filter less unless it's quality. As in not from a cigarette.
  9. So you just roll it with just weed. Does it burn ok without Tobacco?
  10. You literally smoked in the worst possible fashion every time. 
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    It all depends who rolls it. I don't get why people say the burn is better with baccy, every time I roll a J it's pure weed and burns way better than any spliff I've ever rolled. But I guess it's all personal preference when it comes to weed. Honestly, just smoke a bowl man. Take 2-3 hits and come back and tell us how you feel, because I guarantee it'll be good.
  12. I've been okay when I drink and smoke or smoke and drink, I usually smoke blunts, which wraps the weed up in a leaf, not sure if that's a huge difference compared to a spliff, some would argue it's a similar method of smoking herb, some would disagree
    Sounds like smoking a joint of the herb alone is your best bet, that's my favorite way of smoking herb and I enjoy the RAW Papers, they're hemp papers, burn slow and smoke great, they have small one's and king size one's
    I haven't ever in my life smoked a cigarette or a spliff, so I'm not sure if I'm helping, but like I said I've smoked blunts regularly for over ten years and did puke my first time smoking, since I was puffing too hard!!!!! 
    Try taking it easy, enjoying your session, think of meditation, and try the joints with the herb alone.
    Like I already mentioned I usually don't drink unless I know I'll be smoking, usually drink my ass off, over five beers, sometimes hard liquor may be involved also, but the weed always REGULATES lol, sounds like yeah you just gotta try taking it easy
    The glass may help you, honestly I feel new to the glass and enjoy it rarely, a bowl usually helps it's just that I feel like smoking outta glass is harsher on my throat, especially when hitting bongs, it's all about how you smoke honestly and taking slow pulls may help work up your smoke tolerance
  13. Sounds like the classic crossfade, just don't drink when you smoke and you'll be with sweet Mj once again. 
  14. Stop mixing weed and alcohol. As well as weed and tobacco.
    Try it on it's own, and see how you feel when you aren't mixing it with other drugs.
    Also, take a a puff or two, and stop. See how you feel for 15 minutes or so before you go and take more. Work your tolerance up naturally. Don't smoke past your limit.
    Your problem is clearly alcohol.
  16. Alcohol and weed both dehydrate you. You puked, couldn't walk, and were dizzy cause you needed water. Smoking a lot of weed = drinking lots of water
  17. This too. Spliffs suck get a pipe
  18. Thanks guys! Going to try out your suggestions and avoid alcohol!
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    Take our other suggestions and avoid the baccy too.
  20. If you we're buzzed or drunk when you smoked it was probably the brew

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