Im about to get high and I need recommendations

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  1. Is a beautiful morning and I want to play something really happy while I smoke, I don't mind the genre but please no rap. I want something happy that can go good with the morning.
  2. Listen to some pink floyd
  3. The album "dive" by Tycho. I promise you this is what you need.

    I always forget to smoke because I get high and distracted.

    I used to listen to that before KMK practically fell apart.
  5. lol Pink Floyd ain't happy music. Pink Floyd is the type of music that make you think and awake you, making you realize how a lot of shits are. I ended listening to Mozart for 2 hours and it was really happy.
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  7. For next morning sesh. 

  8. This is sooo happy it's one of my favorites

    🎶High above at the edge of the world, we are searching for glory and peace, when the time has come you will see our return to the Land of the Free!🎶
  9. You said you don't mind the genre, so I'm throwing some Chillstep your way.
    Listen to "Mirage" by Reaktion and the Monrroe. remix of "Landfill" by Daughter.
    If you like those, I'll suggest more.

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