i'm about to get banned

Discussion in 'General' started by h4rk4t, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. so goodbye all


    <3 hope i helped in the past. to you newfags. tits or gtfo

    xoxo to those who were nice :)
  2. a/s/l
    23/female/YOUR ASSHOLE
    have fun GC

    be carefull with psylocibin
  3. So your leaving because of the little kids that joined the site
  4. [​IMG]

    you would have never guessed my identity would you.

    ban me now

  5. yeah for real

    i'd call the OP weak for leaving because of a single member

    so i will

    OP, u r weak
  6. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    If you can't deal with immaturity, you YOURSELF are immature. Sorry, but next time you are on a forum maybe you should try and ignore the flamers.


    Where did you even post?
  7. Weird, I've never even seen any of your posts before... Want to enlighten all of us why you are getting banned, cause I have no idea.
  8. i agree with the above.

    w.e these threads are quite often, it happens

  9. Ya for sure bw.

    Do what you want man. It's your life.
  10. wtf... is this out of left field to anyone else?

    i'm going to go find a minor's pic on myspace and post it up claiming that i'm, in fact, an underaged female for attention too!

    edit: OMG... IT'S MY 1,544th post... what did you guys get me?
  11. Can't we all just blaze a bowl and like... chill? :hippie:
  12. I am chill.

    That reminds me I have to go find and post in the "bump if you just smoked" and "the official I'm high thread" threads.
  13. so she is underage?
  14. i think you need to slow your roll...
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    Atleast you got an audience on your way out
  16. You are a Dime a dozen.

  17. Something about a dime bag...? :smoke:
  18. dude ive read a lot of your past post's....

    ? whats wrong?:confused:
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