I'm about to flower and I think I have a deficiency of some sort. Please help!!!!

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  1. Hey I have 8 plants in a 60/40 coco/perlite mix in 5 gallon fabric pots (4 White Cookies, 4 Bubba Kush) I noticed today that some rips were yellowing and there were yellow spots/lighter green spots on the leaves. My Ph is always 5.8-6.0 when I water and checked the runoff water today and it was also 5.8-6.0 so I'm thinking it's not a ph problem. I honestly don't know what's wrong I've been feeding this to them every day for months and there have been one problem and it was when I was using more nutrients then I should have but I fixed that. Should I flush them with 1/4 strength nutrients and see if that fixes it? I was wanting to switch my nutrients to flowering nutes in about 2 days and then switch the lights a week after that, but want to make sure there healthy before I flip the lights to 12/12. Also the last picture looks like I might have a pest that's eating my leaves but not sure because that's the only leaf I saw affected like that. ( I have ladybugs in my tent). If anyone can help that would be amazing.

    Medium: coco/perlite 60/40

    Pot: 5 gallon smart pots

    Age: Day 70 from seed

    Transplanted last: June 19

    Light: 600 Watt MH (x2

    Temps/Humidity 25C (77F) / 40%-65%

    Stage: Vegitation

    Fans: One 8 inch exhaust fan , One oscillating fan

    Tent: 4x8 1680D

    Setup: Carbon filter-->600 W Air Cooled Hood--> 600 W Air Cooled Hood-->8 Inch Exhaust Fan-->exausted into attic

    Nutrient Schedule (right now) Per Gallon (In order) 4 gallons for all 8 plants

    Armour Si: 3/8 tsp
    Calmagic: 3/4 tsp
    Flora Micro: 3/8 tsp
    Flora Grow: 3/8 tsp
    Flora Bloom: 1.5/8 tsp


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  2. Anyone??

    Been medicating for 20 years
  3. Found some cattipillar looking things hanging from the leaves took all the ones I could see off and shook the branches to try to get most to drop. Only found one or two but they were pretty small so thinking there's more somewhere. Is there anything that won't affect the plants that I can spray indoors for cattipillar control?

    Also defiencey got worse so I flushed them with 1/4 nutrients and I geuss we wait and see what happens hopefully good results.

    If someone could help me that would be really helpful!

    Been medicating for 20 years
  4. The yellow spots could be leaf septoria it's a type of fungus. Have any yellow spots turned brown in the middle?

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  5. Nope no that I have seen but looks like flushing them with the 1/4 strength nutes helped I think
    I'm using this feeding chart I found on this one growing website but I toned down everything (calmagic, floramicro, floragrow, florabloom) a bit and added 1/2 of armour si so the nutrient mix might be off but again it hasn't showed problems for the last month of the same nutrient mix.

    Been medicating for 20 years
  6. [​IMG]
    Been on week 3 of this for a month now (also adding armour si while toning down everything else)

    Been medicating for 20 years
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  7. I'm no expert but if this is the same thing. Mine being more advanced it was cal/mag diff. IMG_4119.JPG IMG_4142.JPG
    I was using botanicare cal/mag at 2ml a gallon now I'm using the same stuff at 5 ml a gallon and it fixed it. IMG_4170.JPG I'm not saying it will fix the leaves but it stop mine from getting worse. All new growth was fine.

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