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    see the glass joint on the slide that connects to the glass downstem?   thats glass on glass, older slides didnt have the ground (rough/frosted looking) area and used a rubber/silicone band to form the seal between them and the downstem
  2. It is glass on glass. But I would recommend going to a local head shop instead. Go in and ask to look at water pipes. Do not say bong or mention weed. They will show you more stuff and you won't have to wait with shipping. Plus you can ask questions
  3. BWG shipping takes 2-3 days. and nowehre in ur LHS would u find a non chinese bong for 60
  4. thats a exellent choice of glass. custom creations is high quality glass. dont go to ur LHS. u prolly wudnt even be able to find a bong for that cheap. nd if u do itll be chinese thin ass glass. the way u tell if its glass on glass is the joint and bowl
    thats glass on glass becuase the glass makes it air tight
    this isnt
    btw bwg also has %10 off use: SAVE10
  5. yes, that is correct answer, agree
  6. Are you the seller on dhgate? Sorry for changing the subject of the thread ...

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