I'm a stupid idiot, and now I have a huge blister on my palm.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sad Panda, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. Why oh why did I think it was a good idea to put out my joint with my hand when I thought I saw my neighbor watching me smoke?

    Man, my paranoia has gotten the best of me again.
  2. Ouch dude! that sucks...
    see thats the nice thing about walking, your never really that far from the ground... unless your floating... were you floating?
    sounds to me like you were tryin to get your float on and yer neighbor fucked with it.... didnt he! yup thats what I thought.

    I dub thee "Thread of the Year"

    but who the hell am I to say so... well its my "Thread of the Year", yall can choose to accept it or not.

    Peace, love, and bong rips.
  3. ^^^^^^^^


    And to fill in the details of situation, here's the scoop. Me, smoking out of window in my house (not allowed to stink up room. I'm 19 and going to be a junior in college this fall, but home for the summer.) Neighbor, middle-aged dude cutting grass. Direct line of sight to the window, and he was looking right towards my house.

    If he was a NARC, I would have found out already. But that's the kind of thing I really don't want to push.

    Fuck I can't wait to go back to college and have my own appartment. So much planning has to occur in the suburbs in order for smokage to occur.
  4. Dude I've done that too lol..but I think the dumbest thing I ever did was to put a slider in the palm of my hand after smoking for like an hour...that metal bowl was pretty damn hot i tell you...
  5. i burnt my thumb pretty bad i was lighting up my bowl with a slite breeze and pushed the flame on my thumb i didnt realize for a couple of seconds. then my dad cought me coming in side at 12 i said i was fallowing a racoon i hope he beleves me
  6. Yeah, thats what I like about joints, if you roll 'em even and smoke 'em right they look like cigarettes. I would of just kept smoking too.
  7. I would've kept going. The other day, I bent down to scratch my ankle and had my lighter in my hand that I had just had lit for quite some time. I put it up against my skin on my leg while I was scratching, and it burnt right through skin and started bleeding. Fucking hurt more afterward than it did at the time.

  8. you told your dad you were following a raccoon and you think he's going to believe you.........fucking incredible......

  9. damn, i was gonna say the same thing.
  10. man i burnt half my eyebrow off and torched my favorite beanie smokin a joint once. it was gettin real short and went out, so i lit it back up again, and felt the heat on my brow. so i took my hat off, and it was burning everywhere sweat was! i got another one though. (i know the guy who owns Kustom Graphic Apparel)
  11. dude everyday i smoke like 3 times now sometimes more......after every session.....all my friends are like...oh shit we gotta get outa here the cops are comin.....weve been smokin heavy like this almost everyday for a year....they still do the same thing everyday....the pot makes u paranoid...its crazy man

  12. I couldn't help but point out this comment after all of the earlier talk about "thread of the year." This is definitely the "post of the year," all the more reason to proclaim this as the thread to end all threads.

  13. i laughed for 3 minutes after reading that
  14. I once burned my lip on a joint when I was a smoker in training...THAT hurt like hell!!

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