Im a sexy woman, so stop objectifying me

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sovereign Psyche, Jan 28, 2014.


  2. She's giving her opinion on opinions that were given in response to someone else's opinion written on a blog?

    And you want our opinions on what part of that?
  3. She has some good videos.
  4. It's pretty clearly about whether or not there exists a double standard regarding "objectification".
  5. This objectifying women thing is stupid. Most women like the attention. Why do a few feminist crazies need to force their opinion on everyone else?

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  6. She makes a very valid hypothesis from where this behavior stems.
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    I couldn't get past the "there were some comments on a blog that we wanted you to comment on".  I assumed that what followed would be 20 minutes of her opinion, on the above said blog.
    Sexy scientists?  lol.  Sounds pretty lame.  Who would get outraged over that?  It's not a very good example of "objectification" if that's what she was going on about...
    ETA:  objectification that IS outrageous is referring to female politicians as "Abortion Barbie".  I would love to hear her opinion on that, rather than some stupid blog list.
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    You seem to have formed an opinion about a video that you've never watched. lol.  Obvious troll is obvious.
    She is a logical person who outlines feminists flaws in logic.  She goes on to hypothesize why this may have occurred.  I found it to be an interesting video.
  9. I might have watched the video if they had used a sexy woman
    Most immature and stupid comment I have thus seen in 2014 on GC.  Congrats.  To discuss intelligent topics with adults, you must be an adult....grow up.
    She outlines feminists "flaws" by starting with a trivialized example.
    Feminism is NOT defined by a bunch of people getting "outraged" at a sexy scientist list.  So if that is her starting point, then my opinion is, she doesn't quite get it.
  12. That pretty tame
    time to fap to some females.... hehe :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Video appears to be in an appropriate setting :bongin:
    Exactly, I don't see this thread really taking off anywhere "productive."  Most people aren't going to watch a 20 minute video from some stranger on youtube.  Had OP shared his own opinion in a simplified fashion, it might have a chance.
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    Did you think for a minute that that comment may have been ironic/sarcastic given the topic of the thread?
    The internet warriorz is out in force tonight!
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    Yeah I've been over this before.  If a person doesn't indicate in any way that they are being sarcastic (very easily done) then one would assume it is just another immature comment that deserves ridicule, especially since the overwhelming majority of blades on these forums and on internet forums everywhere very often say such immature things. 
    Internet warriorz?  Because I shared my opinion on a post?  OK :rolleyes:  <---sarcasm
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    I just assume one liner comments like that are people being lulzy.
    If he typed an intricate post detailing how he was sexist it would be different.
    Also I don't give a shit if some random immature kid wants to be a dumb fuck on the internet, it's not even worth the time or effort to respond because some random person on the internet isn't going to change them.
  18. Not to mention, that she isn't saying she is a sexy woman, so his "sarcasm" doesn't even fit.
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    I understand that, I'm not going to change anything and I won't continue to pursue harassing him for stupid posts if he were to continue them here or elsewhere, but I still have no problem sharing my disgust at least once.  I'm that way in person too.  I have low tolerance for sophomoric bullshit and I'll call people out before I avoid them.   We all handle things differently.
  20. She stops talking about the blog entirely after 2 minutes. I thought her intro was out of place too, but it doesn't end up being about that at all.

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