Im a really bad kisser

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  1. I just found out I'm a terrible kisser, I've never had a girlfriend so it has never been a problem. Last night was the 3rd time we hung out so we were kissing a little an she's so much better then me. Should I say something to her? How do I get better?
  2. Have her teach you man. It's really not that hard to kiss, comes naturally. Relax and bite her lip and kiss her neck a little bit :smoke:
  3. Practice practice practice my friend.
  4. Ive never even kissed a girl. /wrist
  5. Does that mean you've been kissing dudes?
  6. I've kissed girls before but she wanted to make out but I was so lost so we just kept kissing it was kinda awkward but I played it cool and everything went good. I just don't want to look like a retard again.
  7. i can kiss well but once we start kissing for an extended period of time i tend to start getting horny... gets difficult keeping myself from ripping her clothes off and just kissing. lol
    dont keep doing the same kiss in the same spot, gotta change it up, relax and go with it. i prefer kissing and biting up and down the neck when i need a small break from kissing the lips.
  8. well once is started having sex i guess we don't really ever make out more than a minute without getting it on. so just learn to make out enough to get her clothes off. why kiss when you can do it
  9. just copy what shes doing bro, if shes using tongue then stick the tongue in for a lil dip before you close your mouth again. if she isnt using much tongue than just go open, closed, find the rhythm..
  10. Practice on your dog/cat, you'll learn a lot.
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  11. Just don't get all sloppy and drool in her mouth,man!

    You'll be good.

    Don't try to shove your whole tongue in her mouth either.
  12. Practice broham. Practice.
  13. Say you're rusty and haven't done it for a while.
  14. Lesson 1: Go easy on the tongue. Especially at first until you figure out what the girl likes. Follow her lead, but not too passive. Just use your lips 3x more than your tongue.

    Lesson 2: Go slow to go fast. Don't rush or be to aggressive. Again, follow her lead, but trust me, girls are turned on by things like your hands and how they hold her body as much as what you're doing with your mouth. Kiss different parts of her face, body, and mouth. When she's getting into it, or she gets a little more aggressive then you can up your action too.

    Lesson 3: Kissing is as important (if not more) to girls than sex, so do not skimp on the kissing (as some bad-at-sex guys have suggested here). And when you're done with the sex... more kissing. Trust me.
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    Tuck your thumb and lighty close your fist not too tight. Practice your technique on that little space you've created with your thumb and index finger.

    Dont feel lame just do it man you need the practice

    Tip: lightly bite her lower lip during a break of making out and pull it just a little shell love it. Then go back to kissing try and make it smooth. Dont stop bite wait and start again make it flow man its mostly about confidence.
  16. Damn dude, I'm sorry, I'm a natural.:rolleyes: I was always worried I'd be bad but it's not that hard. I'd explain if I could.
  17. Some guy I knew in middle school said he learned how to kiss by practicing on a apple :confused:
  18. you've got a find a rhythm. kissing new people can be awkward at first but you just have to keep at it till you can figure out how to work your tongues together.
  19. Kissing is the easiest shit ever. The only reason you are bad is through over thought!
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  20. Practice makes perfect. Hang in there my dude. Just don't think about it and go with the flow/what feels right.

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