Im a pathological dater

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  1. Im 23 just turned and ever since the end of my 2 yr relation ship like 2 yrs ago ive dated 2 guys each over 6 months long and while i was dating them i would go on a bunch of individual dates also... Figured new yr new habits but i cant stop im also very busy with school and work i avoid the situation but it seems like there's too many good options always forcing their way in my life or im afraid to settle or im too picky???
    does anyone know wtf is going on with me anyone have this issue ?
  2. I fail to see what the issue is.

    You're young, you're pretty...
  3. The issue is that its not healthy i do want something steady i just dont know why i keep ruining things with perfectly decent guys.i just stop talking to them for the next best thing it's not cute im getting old

  4. what should we do to help
  5. so settle with one guy and quit fuckin around with so many
  6. If you can't be okay alone then you can't be okay in a relationship.

    Take a break from dudes, get busy working on yourself.

  7. You are doing only what's best for you, which is to find yourself the BEST mate.

    You see... you keep ruining things and running away from the guy you're with, because... if he's worth anything, he'll chase after you.

    Through out your young life, many men will chase after you... but only one will be able to catch you. The guy who chase you till the end. That one guy... is the guy you're looking for.

    Perhaps you haven't found a guy who will chase you through fire and ice. And may be that's why you keep running.

    I don't know...
  8. :eek::eek::eek:

    Only to a certain extent... You have to have respect for yourself as a guy. If you aren't doing anything wrong (and from the sound of the OP they weren't) and a girl you care about distances herself from you, communicate with her and try to see whats up.

    If she doesn't come back around, peace the fuck out. As a guy you will bring yourself down, mind fucking yourself trying to fiqure out what happened / what you did wrong.


    OP chill out. 23? You are young..its ok to date around. You sound like you're going to be married by 25..divorced by 30
  9. That's my ultimate goal im just trying to attain that goal i recognize my problem i just dont know how to break away from it
  10. Ahahah can u not say that im afraid of that i already joke around about how my 3rd husband is going to be the lucky last
  11. True i think thats why i keep leaving in afraid of being left
  12. This is why I fuck girls and stop talking to them...
  13. Seriously I use to be so devoted to girls and much respect all that is gone now.
    .. I jus t use them as sex toys and toss themntonthengarbage like they sre worthless hahaba

  14. Tryna get puss over the internetz lol

  15. It doesn't hurt to try...

  16. Hahaha don't blame ya my dude
  17. OP I wasn't joking. And you joke about that? You see the train crash coming yet are still on the train. I'm calling it...

    Fucking psycho.
  18. I dont have sex with them its just i think i do it because maybe i t tired of Putin so much effort and getting cheating by dogs so u should think a little deeper before u talk
  19. Ass i dont sleep with them all im not trying to get emotionally attached thanks . I've slept with one of them and he's pretty much the only one whos stuck around but in his case he doesn't want a relationship so i cant even be with the only guy I've been most comfortable with this entire time .... Bullshit i swear
  20. I call it serial dating. I used to be the same way. When I look back and try to think of single times. I cant really think of any. There was always some short term thing in between the long term ones.

    I just got to a pt where I realized that I had to be comfortable with myself before I could REALLY be comfortable with someone else. I realized that I wasnt always bein my true self. I found that I would try to fit what i thought that ex wanted. It got tiring tying to maintain an image.

    Now I am 100% devoted to myself and my goals. Once Ive achieved everything I want to achieve and I know who I am no question. Ill be open to dating again

    Dont be like Kim K or JLo they look for fulfillment in others. True fulfillment comes from within

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