I'm a nice guy.

Discussion in 'General' started by sloppyjoe, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. So here it goes. I am at the local head spot and these younger guys come in and they r like hey Mr.(talking to the store owner) what ya got for like 10 dollars? Well I am sitting there thinking what the hell do you think they have for 10 bucks. So he starts to show them the shitty metal pipes, and I , being the nice guy I am, say well if you have id's and (we will call him BOB the store owner) BOB does not care I will spot you for a cheap glass piece. We check Id's and it was strait they were 18. i told the young men to give me the 10 bones and I would cover the rest of the cost(just 11 bucks, he gave me a discount on they're piece) So they payed for their own and now they have a glass pipe instead of a metal pipe. I am super cool huh.... LMFAO! True story. JOE>:hello:

  2. nice job man, if we are going to teach'em, teach'em right with the smooth taste of glass.
  3. nice dude, i wish there were cool as people like that around more..+rep
  4. thanks Coon, I like the avatar, I love mario. i have the original Mario bros. for the ringtone on my cell. DO DO DO DUTDUTDUTDO HAHA! JOE>
  5. Thats was a really cool thing to do man, good job and +rep
  6. That was pretty selfless, Joe. Good move, right on.
  7. $11 for a spoon, where the fuck do you work!
  8. ^^ i love when people dont fully read the threadstarter

  9. .... plus the 10 the 2 kids had 21 for a glass spoon isnt too bad

    all the pot smokers around here are pretty cool like that too .. except for the assholes from the trailerpark i dont know why but they all feel the need to be dicks
  10. Ah $21, i would just spring for this spoon($35+shipping) its insane and the nicest looking spoon ive seen to date
  11. cuz...trash in, trash out
  12. lol i remember once at a minimart place a buncha kids were standin outside and they were like 14 yrs old asked me and my friend to buy em philly blunts, the strawberry ones..lol weird but ya they gave us like $10 for doin it... more weed money lol
  13. Nice going, man! Very generous, wish I had people like that around here.
  14. Some people just say all kinds of shit to get rep eh?:D
    Only jokin, Good on ya, givin the stoners a better reputation is always a good thing

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