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i'm a newbie to

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ozman, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. G'day from oz, i stumbled across your site, this is ways cool.
    hopefully we may all learn from one another,about this WONDERFUL plant that has been given to all of us by mother nature and spread the word about its miraculous powers.

    So let us all ENJOY
  2. Welcome to the city. Enjoy your stay!
  3. It's cool that you stumbled across the City. Have fun! It's a great place to be.

  4. HIGH All, ozman that's what the Citys All about. Glad you found a place for your lawnchair...sit back or jump in and enjoy what the marijuana communitys All about. This is the place where you meet fellow stoners who want nothing but good vibes from All.
  5. It's good to have you here. This is a cool place and I hope you find it to be as interesting as I have!
  6. welcome to the city!!!
  7. Welcome to the site friend. :)

  8. G'day critter of course i'm a ozzie, Queenslander near hervey bay so maybe we can have a chat some time.

    have you seen http://www.ozstoners.com/420Australia/InvBoard/index.php?

    i invite you all at the city to visit you are all welcome.

    cheers ozman (alias DOM at above addy)

    PS where can i find some cool avatars for downloading,many thanks ozman.

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