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  1. Hey all. So, the girl of my dreams (Seriously, from the very first moment I saw her, I knew I wanted to be with her. Where just being near her is enough. Where just holding her hand is absolutely euphoric.) just broke up with me. She says we're too different, that we're in too different places in our lives and that she doesn't know what she wants, right now. I want her back more than anything ever before, but I also don't want to come across too desperate or needy and would really like to conserve my self-respect.

    Basically, I need some tips on how to be the coolest motherfucker out there. I want her to want me. Or realize that there is nobody out there that's going to love her as good as me.

    I want to come across as a man, not a boy. Who better to help me out than the most boss community on the interwebs?

    Thanks, all.
  2. yeah...well obviously she's not the one

    I hate using that term as I think that you could be happy with the girl that lives down the street from you, that you've never talk to or met for that matter and probably never will.

    Don't sweat it man, if she doesn't know what she wants..her loss, right? I'm ussually not one to say "hey, if it was meant to be, she'll come back" but maybe this just isn't the right time for you guys. See new people figure what you really like...maybe you'll find out there's somebody else out there for you OR you'll find out she was the one and you'll both be more ready for something real.
  3. I sure do hope so, man. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement.

    It's so funny how a community of people I've never met have gotten me through this rough patch. She broke up with me just over two weeks ago and that's about the time that I've been registered on here.

    Thank you all. Also, if anybody would like to input anything else, more advice is never a bad thing.
  4. I just wouldn't bother trying to get her back. If you try and get her back then you do come off desperate and then the girl feels like she has complete power. In all honesty it sounds like she's done and won't take you back. I would just not even tell her you want her back stay in contact talk and stuff make her somewhat jealous but nothing obvious make her want you back without you looking like you want her back. Her loss though but be understanding of her view if she doesn't think it will work just try and understand that and try and get with one of her hot friends.
  5. Shit just hit the fan.

    Bridge burned.

  6. Do tell.

  7. Long story short, I had a conversation with her cousin tonight that informed me that she knew a long time ago that she didn't love me, so I tried to talk about it with her tonight because if everything is clear and out on the table, it'll be a lot easier for me to accept it and move on.

    Well, the conversation went horribly. She got mad that I was bringing stuff up and said some stuff that she shouldn't have, which led me to saying something I shouldn't have, and now, we aren't going to talk.

    Honestly, this is probably for the best. YOU CANNOT BE FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH.

    I just wish she would've said she didn't love me sooner... FUCKKKKKKKK :(
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    get a girl jealous and the possibilities are limitless....LOL
    matter infact add a lil douche bag charm.

    but maybe it is for the better.
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    No better way of showing that than walking away. A boy will try to make the fairy tale into reality. The man will take reality for what it is.

    It's going to suck. In fact, it's going to suck A LOT. It'll suck a lot for a long time as a matter of fact.

    But one day, it'll stop sucking.

    EDIT*** For what it's worth, I've been in your shoes before. Someone gave me this same advice and I ignored it completely. It sucked a lot without her, but it sucked even more when I realized that I was acting like such an immature little kid.
  10. Dude, I feel for ya. I think that being left by someone you adore is the worst thing possible. But you know what, it makes you a better person. Learn to get over this, you know how? Smoke, smoke, smoke. I'm being honest when I say that I was in an all time low from last December up to a couple weeks ago. Mental state that is. I hated everything, nothing could make me truly happy. And you know what happened, I got drug tested for the last time. Now that I can smoke again, I'm back to my normal self. Everything is great, positivity fills the air.

    It truly is my best advice to help get over something this horrible. Smoke with your buddies, chill out, and see what happens. Sure, you will still feel like shit for a little while. But everyday it gets a little better. And with the green helping, you will feel better shortly. Just think about how much more fun you can have when this bitch isn't controlling thoughts anymore, making you feel like garbage.

    Oh and IMO, watch a funny ass TV show or movie, get your mind off this crap. Cause that's all it is, it's a worthless situation that can't be improved. Why waste your time?
  11. in order for HER to want YOU, YOU have to NOT want HER.

    You gotta pretend like you and her never were together.
    You gotta forget about her
    You gotta make your life amazing without her
    You gotta completely forget she ever existed

    Once she finds out that she had no purpose in YOUR life, she will want to be in your life.
  12. dude its gone, not gonna happen.

    sorry to break it to you so harsh like that, but its not gonna happen. id say you have a 1.63% chance of getting her back. and i dont really operate well under those odds. its pretty much a lost cause.

    chicks that break up with you and say that sort of thing tend to not be very mature, very self absorbed, hard to read, not worth it in the long run. and often times, thats a cop out for them wanting to break up so they can see someone else. so dont be surprised if you find her with another dude anytime soon.

    the only way i can see you getting back with her is if you happen to have a lot of mutual friends and you guys end up still hanging out a lot with those friends and then eventually after she dates a bunch of ass holes, then she will see that you really were a lot better for her, BUT she has to change a little herself cuz you probably are very different. you just have to maintain your path in life and show that she made a mistake in leaving you.

    but dont take her back right when she admits it. say you want ot think about it cuz what she did really hurt and that you want to be reassured that something that stupid wont happen again.
  13. Dude heres how i got my ex back

    Just act like you dont need her and are completely confident and happy in life,
    this will make her entirely jealous. Still keep up the conversation with her so you dont grow apart. but just start really doing well in life and acting like you dont need her and this will make her jealous and possibly want to come back to you.

    Chicks at my work always try to ask me out when I dont pay any attention to them and just try to get my work done. You are always more attractive by being yourself rather than being someone who wants all the attention from the ladies - so keep your head down at school/work and focus hard on your goal which is doing well - but ultimately getting your dream girl back.

    One other thing man, that I learned recently lol.

    Women are 100% the opposite of men. They think and act 100% oppositely, that is why we are attracted to females because they are so completely opposite to men.

    Keep this in mind, and something that you may find is absolutely hilarious may be downright absolutely offensive to your girl - or any girl in general.
  14. Thanks for all the advice guys. I haven't talked to her since then and I don't think I'm going to for a while. I hope I can hold out until she contacts me, but I don't have a very good track record with that sort of thing. But I feel good.

    I'm trying my best to adopt a "whatever may be, may be" type of thinking and just focus on my stuff, for right now. If she comes around, great. If not, I hope that we can at least be friends at some point down the road. Thanks again for all the advice, all.


  15. listen to what astro has to say..........

  16. oi, let the statement below hit you like a brick...

    There is on such thing as someone else givin you tips on how to be cool.

    That being said, you can't say you wanna save your self respect and saying you
    want her back...doesn't work that way kiddo. In love you have to understand
    when you really love a girl--you no longer have self respect seeing as in most cases
    i'm sure when dating her you found yourself doing things you wouldn't normally do...
    i know this because I did the same then when I found love...it happens.

    You have to learn how to be you. Being yourself, exploring who you are as a person and getting to know exactly who you are. I can't tell you how many lames I see on the regular suffering from identity crisis because they wanna be the coolest or have the most "swagg" that shit alone leaves
    a bad taste in my mouth. You want tips? here you go

    1. Be yourself. At the end of the day, no one can tell you that you doin you wrong

    2. Taking tips often in time will ether A, turn you into a poser or B have you constantly fighting yourself when it comes to knowing who you are

    3. Never, ever, evvvvverrrr sweat a bitch who don't want you. Why? Cause the world is bigger than her. Furthermore, stop dating bitches and get yourself a woman. What's the
    difference...date a woman and you'll see just what I mean

    4. Being yourself means being confident in who you are and the things you do.

    That's my advice. Take it or leave, right or wrong, this bit here is my feelings being demonstrated towards the subject at hand.

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