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Im a midnight toker....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cobster, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. So Ive probably rolled less then 10 joints in my life
    So I'm always trying to get better.
    Anyways I was browsing this web site looking at different types of rolls, and I saw one called The Joker

    So here is my 1st attempt at it


    Not the worst...
  2. looks alright never heard of the joker before though
  3. ive had jokers, not too great.

    but is there anypoint to this thread?
  4. Probably not
    Just wanted to virtually share my first Joker
    cuase I was stoked about it
    So just virtually toke and pass
  5. Looks better than anything I could ever pull off. If I'm in a really cold room where my hands don't sweat then I can roll decently, but 95% of the time my hands are too sweaty to even roll a joint :/ None the less though it's a pretty nice looking joint imo.
  6. Some people call him Maurice.

  7. Cause I speak of the pompitous of love
  8. Why is it called the joker? I mean what's different about it?
  9. It makes funnies :confused:

  10. Thank you. I was going to feel old if no one got that.
  11. lol im prerrty young and i got it, age is a number, health is a state

  12. Same here.

  13. people talk about me baby...
  14. ha ha i thought Steve Miller didn't do drugs yet i have seen about 5 threads with Steve Millers "joker" song quoted because of the midnight toker line.

    although maybe i heard wrong that Steve Miller didn't do drugs idk :smoking:
  15. Looks good

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