I'm a loser, baby.....

Discussion in 'General' started by stonie jo, Nov 18, 2001.

  1. Damn I guess I should get a life!!!!! There's nobody here but me-and a couple guests. Sad-so sad...................

  2. I don't think you are a looser. Maybe just bored.
    I must be the same way!
  3. It seems I always start here alone.. Then I look and there are some people sometimes!! But I come early in the morning, and it's usually me and myself and i.

    i just can't sleep in on weekends! i love the precious early morning hours :)-~
    my only peace and quiet of the day... my stoney grasscity mornings when the cat tries to climb all over me to cuddle while i tap away.. purrrrr taptaptap :)
    latenite's cool too, i'm a loser like that! always nerding around on irc or ebay...
    got a new pipe today, the excitement of my whole weekend ~~
    but its cool :) wish i had a decent cam so i could show you all!
    love love love
    too stoned to make sense~ mmm good times...
  4. There you all are!!! I went to yahooka-chat fer a while, no sense gettin high on line alone!!!
    I know how that peace and quiet thing is. The only time I get any is after everyone has gone to sleep.

    I know I'm not a loser....I'm smart enough, I'm a good person and doggone it people like me!!
  5. even with people im still alone!
    jus jokin
    sometimes i just cant help myself

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