I'm a little teapot...

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  1. Not very short or stout though!

    I've been browsing for a while so thought I'd register and say hi!

    I've got a single plant grow in a small tent under LED's using the Plant Magic range and biobizz soil 28 days into veg. She's a feminised Chronic from the Bull Dog seed bank and so far she's happy and healthy. I've done a bit of everything to her and she just screams for more- planning an early flip as soon as she recovers and I'll just see what happens... I'll post a pic if anyone's keen.

    Thanks for having me!
  2. [​IMG]

    Difference in colour is due to the flash
  3. Recent pics I have put up had same effect with flash. How did u get on with these eventually and what growing media is that u have in the pots?

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