Im a little spooked

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What should i do

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  1. Toss it

  2. Chill bro

  1. Im pretty paranoid about this but, i got a small bag of puff xtrax gummies and there is a perfectly straight cut in the package on the back side, it only seems to expose the ziplock through the plastic but doesnt expose the gummies further down. Im not sure if im imagining it but there is some very light smell coming from the cut, but idk. I dont know if i should try it cause it could have been tampered with or if its replaced with something else. I just got it today and im kinda just waiting for the door to get busted down or something. I hope im just being paranoid and its normal for there to be a slit right by the ziplock. And i attached two images, i changed the color hue of them too lol C81A810C-7B1F-4F8D-850D-F4B589097F4F.png 0B0D8F9F-145F-4458-ABAF-E1532215DEA8.png
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  2. Uh, I think it's supposed to be that way. It shows you where to tear the package open.
    Uh, never mind, I read your post again and it seems you found a cut in the plastic in the back? I can't see from your photo. Are you in an illegal state? Who's busting in your door? Eat those gummies and enjoy, mate.
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  3. Thanks bro first time getting one so yknow
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  4. It's zip lock
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  5. Yeah its ziplock, but it was just the way the cut was hidden on the back, and i guess a culmination of reading too many stories of bad experiences, and i wanted to be safe than sorry.
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  6. Welcome to Grasscity, and really, enjoy those gummies!
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  7. It could be nothing or it could be something. The only way to know is to test it. And the only way to test it besides taking it to a lab, is to test it on an animal. Give a tiny bit to a mouse, rat, guinea pig and see what happens. If you don't want to do that, then you can take a chance and try it on yourself. But, remember to ask yourself, "is it worth it?" Is the price of a bag of gummies is worth my life? On your next purchase before leaving the store, check the packaging to make sure it hasn't been tampered with. You would be surprised how many groceries come home with us that has been opened on accident or on purpose. And we discover this only after getting home with the item. When it is discovered, it goes into the trash. Lesson learned. They make that stuff everyday. They don't make you everyday.
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  8. Try it and report on your trip throughout this thread so we can watch you descend into madness.:coolalt:
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  9. It says each strip is 25mg, i just took about 1/3 of the rope. Tasted like normal candy so, here we go i guess lol
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  10. I havent eaten in a few hours so it might kick in pretty early, im not sure if im imagining it but im feeling it a little lol, imma bout to go eat somewhere and then ill update again
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  11. Its been about an hour and a half and i think im feeling something but maybe my tolerance is high or i havent waited long enough we’ll see
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  12. Im back home and i think i wanna try the rest of the strip lol
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  13. Did u get a good buzz off of it?
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  14. Very good. It took another strip and a half before i went to bed and then i felt it lol
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