im a ****ing genius( how i quit cigs)

Discussion in 'General' started by 408isthebay, May 28, 2009.

  1. dude so one day i emptied out 2 cigarretes worth of tobbaco, fuck yeah and i put it into a HUGE 2 liter waterfall bong with a big ass wrench socket, stuffed it and cleared it on hit it was so damn nasty i puked and was nasues for atleast an hour or more, i was ready to call poisin control center. that was the most fucked up and disgusting thing ever, from then on i grown to HATE tobacco and i never touched a cigarrete since

    ************* yeah this is more of a joke, im bored high and uhhhh yeah but yeah, i actually did that and i haven't smoked a cig in weeks, i've been smoking cigs since i was 14 and used about a pack every couple days since i was 16. now 3 years later after doing tihs little experiment. I"M CURED!!#@!@!#@!#$ oh jesus
  2. thank you thank you :D:D:D
  3. great success.
  4. I can never get over the withdrawal. I'll probably die from smoking, like my father and his father before me.
  5. This is how I quit. Gave the rest of my pack to a friend, never touched one again. It's been almost 10 weeks since I quit. Will power, for those who have it, is quite useful. Your way is horribly disgusting, but hey, if it gets you to stop, whatever.
  6. i have actually gotten sick from cigs before too, unfortunately the quit smoking thing was only temporary
  7. What the fuck man...

    Seriously, what the fuck. Why would you do that.... :hide:
  8. you coulda dosed on like 2 hits or so and watched all of the no stank you commercials while listening to the song money on repeat.
  9. ughhhh I dont even know what to say.......:eek:
  10. lol congrats
  11. I'm pretty sure you just gave yourself cancer. :(

    I don't know, it just seems to me that taking a massive concentrated bong rip of unfiltered cigarette tobacco might be more harmful than smoking cigarettes normally over a period of time. Or at least it would make you feel pretty shitty.

    But hey, congrats on quitting, wish I could do the same.
  12. eh theres easier ways. i just substituted cigs with bong hits. ive been tobacco free for about 7 months and going strong

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