Im a guy and I think anal sex is gross

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  1. yeah, i feel left out on this, i've looked on yahoo answers and it's all girls complaining

    seriously, i've heard guys say shit like 'it's awesome because you don't have to wear a condom' like fuck poop comes out of there, me being ADHD i can't just push that solid fact out of my head

    anyone else feel the same

    if you do like it, why do you like it? how do you watch porn with it without it freaking you out
  2. I'm a girl and i've done this with my boyfriend of 2 years because we wanted to experience what it was like.
    For me it sucked and it hurt a lot, and I was always scared of him getting poop on him.
    When I pooped the next morning it just fell out and I farted a ton. It sucked balls. :mad:
  3. Lol!

    I also find it disturbing.
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    i feel you, poop marinates down there all day. its fucking gross no enema could make someones bowels fit to put my dick in.
  5. Yeah, butt sex is nasty to me and I'm scared that there would be poop in my pee pee hole if I have butt sex. Plus I would imagine the pain someone must go through to get a penis shoved up in their butt. It would probably make them bleed:eek:
  6. Huh? I didnt think women pooped or farted...:confused_2::bongin:
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  7. I understand getting grossed out by bodily functions, but really, once you've had a kid and have had to change diapers you get over it really quickly.

    Anal sex is OK, I'd like to have more, but my wife isn't really into it. On the rare occasions that she is, it's fun...

  8. I've banged my lady in the ass, she liked it and didn't bleed :confused_2: She was mega sore the next day though

  9. Did you guys in poop on your penis?:confused:
  10. I didn't get any shit on ma dick :ey:

  11. Must have been one clean butt hole:laughing:
  12. I'll forward that compliment to my girlfriend :laughing:
  13. ive never wanted to until i saw my girlfriends butthole for the first time. it looks so inviting for some reason. granted ive seen other girls buttholes, my girlfriends is just different. hmmmm :confused_2: :p
  14. I think anal sex is gross. I don't want to put my dick in shit! It would make me go limp

    And sticking fingers up someone's ass or licking someone's ass is gross, too!

    My fingers would smell and I'd have shit on my tongue!!

    I dont see what the appeal is....

  15. I'm a girl and I think it's awesome.
  16. I'd rather just have a girl with a strong vagina.

  17. Or a gaping butt hole, like mason jar.
  18. I ain't fuckin no mason jar :devious:
  19. yeah op, I think you'll find a lot of dudes just aren't really into it. I'm not.

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