I'm a fuckup

Discussion in 'General' started by buffalo420, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Fuck man... for almost a year now every girl i try to fuck ends up just wanting to be friends. Why do I have to be a good friend to these people? All I want is to fuck them...
  2. just wait till they pass out
  3. Sounds like your trying too hard.
  4. So? I've fucked girls that are just friends before. You just have to identify the ones who are willing to do that with you.
  5. Cuz you got no game son.

    Get yourself some~
  6. hook up at a party or something. usually chicks there will be f***ed up and want a one night stand. maybe you're being too nice? if you just wanna get laid be a playa.

  7. Oh. Are you not good looking, or, is the girl, not drunk enough?

    Get her drunk at a bar ( are you of age to enter a bar )

    Try moving through, all the bases first, slow though, then, get her stoned. Stoners, love to fuck like rabbits. I know I do!

    GL dude.
  8. yeah dude, girls react to you
    you gotta let them know whats up or they gonna think you really are interested in what their saying.
    when you play it right girls come to you. its effortless
  9. thats fuckin low, thats thesame as fuckin' a corpse but only worse
  10. Corpse is the lowest of the low.
  11. Just get drunk with them..things will take place ;)
  12. uhh joke...i was hoping i would get the 3rd post and this could turn into a joke thread, the best kind ever!
  13. haha you fail at this game

  14. LOL, I just smoked a bowl and that is the funniest thing I've seen all day. Nah son, not even. I went out clubbin last nite with some bitches, and I thought I was gonna fuck one of them cuz she was pretty shit faced. She was all over me at the club, then we got back and she was out like a lightbulb (that was turned off lol).

    Werd son, I need to get out of there....

    I need to smoke more... sorry GC for these pointless posts. I feel mad depressed today and I only have like 3 grams left of some fucking Grandaddy Purps. Should be enough to knock me out until tonight when I can get shitfaced again.
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    Maybe less moping. Chicks don't dig that.

    Be confident, you have just as much of a right to be as anyone else!
  16. Whatever your doing isn't working.

    Try a different approach.
  17. Man, check your pm's
  18. Real friends are open with each other and don't put boundaries on their relationship.

    We can't lock ourselves into strict roles and still have a real, emotion based relationship.

    Et cetera.

    Most of the problem is they think you'll think they're easy if they sleep with you.

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