I'm a first time grower, can someone please help me!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by paintballoreo, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Well, I ordered a few seeds online (SnowRyder Feminized Auto Flowering) and here's day 21...

    I have 24/7 ventilation going and 18/6 for the light cycle... This is my first grow and I know NOTHING about growing... I'm just going as I grow. I'm using normal tap water and it's growing fine for now...


    Is there anything I need to know to help me plant stay alive?
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    all i can say is that's exactly what im doing (like reg house plant status [only watering and pulling bugs off i see]) except i have 9 plants 3 from a friend because he couldn't grow them with his lights, a clone i cut (when is it considered one of my 15 maximum)and 5 flowering
    i was told they look pretty good but might run out of nutriments in the soil so i need to read up on stuff like that
    also i started from clones on 12/12 so you are doing better lol i totally forgot about veg

  3. you should stop using tap water unless the PH is 6.5 and under. you can measure this with a ph meter, and use PH up and PH down nutrients for equalization. this can greatly affect growth. Also get some vegging nutrients. what kind of light are you using? and what kind of soil? keep the temp in your room between 70 and 80. and theres lpenty more you can do to increase yield, experiment with growth etc. but those are the basics
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    The neutral range is 6.5 - 7.0. below 6.5 is acidic.
    Most blades use RO, though it's not necessary. I use tap that I bubble the chlorine off. Chlorine can stunt the growth.
    Purer water is more of concern in hydro.
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    ideally the ph level doesnt want to go below 6.5, i usually advise between PH 6.5-6.7 as a good general level for soil grows(also a personal pref), but can varie a little depending on strain but always at around 6.5, also PH up & PH down are not [classed] as nutrients, they just adjust the water

    @op as your growing an auto you could use a 24/0 lighting cycle, this can help to increase yeild with auto-flowering strains:)

    also tap water is perfectly fine to use, but you need to leave it out uncovered for about 24 hours before use, as this lets the clorine etc out of the water(i think some1 mention they "bubble" the water, that also works)

  6. Thank you! This is what I needed. I'm using (1) 100watt florescent light, is that ok? When should I change pots and is there anything else I need to know? I'm going to buy one of those things, it's like a "V" and each end can hold a light. They are going to be 100watt florescent, how high should I keep the V above my plant. Or do I even need a stronger light yet?
  7. Is that a genuine 100W or equivalent? e.g. 23W equivalent to 100W. (And I assume you mean a CFL.)
    In this case you need to go by the actual wattage and not the higher equivalent.
    About 100W for the first plant and 50W for each additinal one will work OK.

    You want the light(s) 1" - 2" from the plant.

    You could re-pot into larger pots now, if you wanted, or wait a little longer.
  8. There is no specific pH of the water you input to your plants that is inherently "good" or "bad" or "right" or "wrong." What matters is the pH of your runoff, which you want to be in the range of 6.4-6.8 for MJ. If your runoff pH is higher than that range then you need to lower the pH of your input water -- regardless of where it's starting from. And if your runoff pH is too low then likewise you need to raise the pH of your input water.

    Tap water could be OK, but everyone's tap water is different so there's no way to judge. You can filter your tap water and that should do a good job of removing solids and chemicals.
  9. Is my plant looking good? I just uploaded a new picture!
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    Don't help this kid... He's like 14 or 15 years old growing in mommy's guest bedroom closet behind her back. This is atleast the second forum account he has already made. Somebody needs to ban him.

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