I'm a disbeliever and I like it

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    Haha, I've felt this way for a long time, and Im not an atheist, I do have thoughts and beliefs...but i reject conventional ideas of religion. the idea that there must be some central being who created all this stupid shit...it seems like a pretty narrow minded way of seeing the universe.

    am i the only one who dislikes all forms of conventional religion? it doesnt matter to me, i look at Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, whatever, and all I see is the same bullshit story used to get people to do what you want.

    I have faith in things I believe, not in things I've been told.
    but I think there might be something wrong with me, I derive a great deal of pleasure in my intoxicated philosophical conversations from telling people "God is dead," "My God has a bigger dick than your God," and point out the irrelevance and inanity of it all.

    anyway, there's that.

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  2. i agree that most forms of conventional religion are bullshit aka christianity/judaism/islam because they were all based on pagan religions, the same religions they deemed to be works of the devil and sought to destroy to brainwash humanity and prevent the masses from attaining any true spirituality..

    n i agree that there wasnt some magical being who created the universe in 7 days

    but i do believe in "gods" though these gods arent "magical" in any way possessing super powers and what not.. these gods are just our creators who have a lifespan that is seemingly infinite compared to our 80 year average.. a lifespan lasting thousands of years but they're physical beings, not some other dimension shit. i also believe in a "soul" so to speak which is really just bioelectricity, and although most people discredit the soul because you wouldnt have a brain to go with you after you died, you couldnt have consciousness without that bioelectricity running through your brain so that electricity is infact your consciousness imo. also theres really no way to prove consciousness.. we view only living things to have a consciousness but thats the only way you can prove consciousness currently, a plant knows which direction to grow when to vegetate and flower based on sun, so a plant isnt lifeless though most people wouldnt really consider plants a living thing because it cant interact, but imo you dont need expression or humanly senses to have consciousness, its just a type of energy

    thats my take on it
  3. I think most religious stuff is silly. I think a lot of stuff in science is silly, too, but at least scientists can admit when they're wrong.

    There's also something comforting about the idea that there's nobody in charge, so to speak. It's like, "hey! I don't have to live my life in mortal terror of violating some stupid rule God made up (Observe the Sabbath? Don't eat meat on a Friday? Bacon is bad?) and condemning my immortal soul to Hell because of it. Neat!"
  4. Thinking for oneself rather than blindly following some silly dogmas and doctrine is always the intellectual honest thing to do. No wonder you like it. I'm rather fond of it myself.

    Afterall, the only true freedom we have, whether we communicate it or not, is the ability to think freely :)
  5. Questioning of religious ideology is always a sign of intelligent life, in my estimation. Sometimes I find it a bit lonely, what with being surrounded by so many religiously deluded folk. There's not much social support for Freethinkers, Humanists and Existentialists in much of the world.

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