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Im A Daily Smoker Who Needs To Pass A Drug Test In Two Weeks Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by livinlifelikeastoner, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I have smoked daily for about a year, usually about two-three times a day. For the past ten days I have been smoking only a bowl or two at night before bed. I have an interview for a job that requires a urine drug test, so I want to start flushing my system now. I probably have a week or two to get clean. I have been drinking tons of water, peeing every hour probably. My question is, will drinking alcohol help speed up the flush, or slow it down? And is there anything else I can do? Buying a detox drink is not an option.

  2. If detox drink isn't an option and you can't get someone else's pee then you're probably fucked. Depending on the type of test you MIGHT get away with dilution of you do it right, but if it's a lab test then forget it. For future advice, if you're applying for jobs, stop smoking.
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  3. I've done this five times with success, and I've helped several people pass using this method...
    First off, you only need a few hours heads up to pass a urinalysis. The trick is not to "clean out", but to dilute your urine AND disguise it as the tall deal. It's very easy to do but I would highly recommend a few test runs to get your body's timing down.
    Ok, a couple hours before your drop, pop a men's daily OR B-complex vitamin, a tbsp of salt (guzzle with a few oz water), and start steadily drinking water. Don't water-log yourself, just enough to make you urinate 3-4 times an hour. I'd say around 20oz every 30 mins or so, maybe more depending on your body. Make a note of how long it takes for the vitamin to make your urine bright yellow. You wanna try and time it so that you drop the 2nd or 3rd time AFTER the 1st time you urinate bright yellow.
    Also, take another vitamin and tbsp of salt 30-60 mins before the drop.
    The first indicator that urine is diluted is a clear color. The B vitamins cover that.
    If the lab is suspicious of your urine being diluted, they'll do a specific gravity test to check the electrolytes in the urine, and the salt covers that.
    No matter how much of any drugs are in your system, if your diluted, it won't show up. I've used this method with thc, morphine, addorall, and cocaine in my system and passed every time. Hope this helps!
  4. dude, just use some clean piss from your friend and tell him to pee in a small bottle the day of the test. As long as it's not court ordered I doubt they'll go in the bathroom with you. Save yourself the stress and money and just sub you'll thank me later. 
  5. No dude, don't do that. Too sloppy and risky. Salt, water, and b vitamins are a lot easier than dealing with your buddies piss.
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    Labs are now routinely checking for creatinine as part of adulteration (dilution) testing. Overdilution = creatinine below acceptable levels = negative dilute result, which buys you an invitation to show up on short notice for a repeat. Two negative dilute tests = fail.
  7. Yep it's not like everyone's body is different or anything no no of course not. If this dilution method is so guaranteed why are we even having this conversation everyone should just follow your instructions. Reality is people have done this and FAILED. Subbing is not risky nor sloppy and if you take 10 minutes to sit down and plan it out you'l be golden. 
  8. If you get your body's timing down and follow all the steps it will work for anyone (who doesn't have kidney problems). It's the same process and vitamins that the $30 detox pills at your local headshop that are usually money back guaranteed. I've seen at least ten urinalysis tests passed this way. I mean, if you really wanna mess with someone else's piss, hide it in your pants, and try and keep it warm so they can't tell its someone else's, then go right ahead, but personally, I think that's disgusting.
  9. Just stop smoking completely now.  Exercise, drink water, eat healthy foods, and exercise more.  If you have a whole 2 weeks you should be good in your situation
  10. I wouldn't diet or exercise before a drug test. The metabolites they test for are stored in adipose tissue. Which would release them into circulation again, increasing the chance you will not have a completely clean piss by time the test comes around.
    Dilute or substitute. Dilution is your safer bet, substituting with fake/clean pee carries risk. It's not recommended to exercise before dilution method either for the best chance of diluting your urine enough for the metabolites to be undetectable  Introducing more metabolites into the system beforehand could make this more difficult.
  11. Didn't know that, interesting
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    you need to flush your liver and kidney, otherwise you're pretty much screwed. dr miller's holy tea all the way. but since you said a detox drink isn't an option then yea you're fucked. or stop smoking and buy some Vemma shots.
  13. Would eating red meat and taking a creatine supplement 2 days out have any effect?  I have also heard of eating tums to combat the specific gravity.
    I have a drug test on Tuesday and by test day will have been clean for 37 days.  Without dilution the home tests are pretty much positive (faintest of lines, would probably look sketchy at best compared with the other lines).  It is a premployment test at a lab and I plan on doing the dilution method along with the aspirin and B vitamin complex.  I'm just getting paranoid because it is a legit job and I thought a month+ would do it.  I'm 5'9, 165 and not fat but not ripped. 
  14. I was thinking about doing a detox drink as well, do they test for these at labs?
    Do they check the creatine levels only if the piss is clear and suspicious or pretty much every time?
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    Oh sorry I'll remember to put my vagina on next time I have a drug test. Too disgusting...? It's not even getting on you. I guess you don't ever want to have kids either, or own a pet 'cause there's a lot of piss involved there. What are you a woman? 
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    I'm not going to bicker with you over it. I've never seen the method I described fail, and I've seen it done eight times; five myself, once with a guy, and twice with a WOMAN. If the reader doesn't wanna try it, fine, it's no concern to me, BUT I thought it worthy information to share.

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    And no, I'm not a woman, I just don't like the idea of carrying someone else's piss anywhere near my junk :huh:
  20. Im confused... if your supposed to drop within the 2nd or 3rd piss after your urine comes out bright yellow then whats the purpose of taking another b vitamin 30-60 min before you drop... if youre conti uously drinking water youre going to be urinating frequently... I dont see how the time frame would add up...

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