I'm a dad!!!

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  1. Hey ya'll. Don't know if any ya'll remember me.. but I'M A DAD!!!!!! I got some hella nice nugs to smoke too! 7 lbs. 8 oz's. Ethan James! I love this feeling! I'm on top of the world!!! I know it has nothing to do with weed.. hahaha

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  2. Daym your babys already a G rockin that headband.
    Congrats, + rep
  3. Congratz man be a good daddy(i know you will but had to say it)
  4. Hey congrats man! :D:wave::wave::smoke:
    + rep
  5. Is that a Jordan headband?
  6. Congrats man!:D
  7. Thats awesionme:D

    I hope he is athletic like Jordan, Michael.:smoke:
  8. Congrats man!

    Did anyone else first read this and think that "7 lbs 8 oz's" was the amount of weed he had? Hahaha took me a minute to get that.

  9. Thats what i thought also! :smoke: Anyways Congrats Man! Ethan is a killer name btw.;)
  10. Aww! lookit that baby!
  11. WOW! That is a great accomplishment, just think of all the years you have ahead of you to enjoy with a son. Have a good one, I will smoke a bowl for you the next time I decide to spark up.

    +rep on the beautiful child and your determination to become a father.
  12. Sell it for crack money.
  13. congrats
  14. What a lucky child to be born to a pothead

    Congrats :wave:
  15. congrats man. rep for a beautiful baby. just remember when the time is right poyp (pass on your piece) and let him smoke when he is of proper age... whenever that is to you
  16. u gonna teach him how to hit the bong,?
  17. u gonna teach him how to hit the bong,?
  18. Congratulations, dad.

    I am a grandfather, and I will say this...

    Get ready to rumble.;)

    Be elated for now, the work is just beginning.

    Raise him on the truth, not on high fructose lies.

    Show him that his limits are above the bluest skies.

    Watch him, and protect him, but don't try to live his life

    Hopefully, someday, he'll have his own son and a wife.

    Feed him well, and love him well, and show him all that's green

    This world is full of wonders, to be heard and felt and seen

    His life is just beginning now, but will go by in an instant

    So teach him how to live each day with love that is a constant.
  19. Oh thank god you gave him a nice, normal name. It seems a lot of people are going around and giving their children horrible names that will get them picked on all throughout elementary school. I feel bad for the kid when the parents do that.

    and seriously, little Ethan really is rocking the shit out of that headband.

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