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I'm a convert.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by L'Oeuvre, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. It's true what they say, whomever they are, "once you vaporize you never go back". I, ever since having purchased a VaporGenie, a lower-class vaporizer, have not smoked marijuana. The VaporGenie, despite its many learning nicks, has changed the way I inhale the herb.

    I can't attest for high-end bongs and 2k Roors but I do believe vaporizers are the best method of intake. I think the tradition of smoke will one day become extinct, only resurrected in nostalgic circles. It's unhealthy, dirty and it becomes very much a nuisance, for the same reason cigarettes. What I mean is, I can smoke in my room with the windows closed and no one fucking knows.

    So, who else has been converted?
  2. WELL i did.... I bought a Da Buddha vaporizer from 7th floor in February and I loved that thing...haha I probly used my bong and bowl a total of 5 times while owning the vape.. It's so much better for you and i felt a lot better. Also all the weed i saved..who wouldnt love it.

    BUT it fucking broke last week... furious...waiting to save up the 160 bucks again....
  3. Im glad you are in love with your vape. I have been waiting to get one too, just dont have the extra funds till my bday
  4. I'm fortunate enough to call myself a proud owner of both- RooR and Volcano. And I do have to admit, when I first started vaporizing (out of a no-name unit) I already loved it and it's got to be the healthiest/most efficient way to take cannabis IMO... that being said, I love me a nice fat bong rip at the end of a long, successful day :)
  5. my roommate and i bought a vape and i love love love love it..

    but i would still take a sweet ice bong instead, but it's just not a good idea in the dorms
  6. I can't wait to get a nice fat volcano vape. Until then I'm still smokin'
  7. Oh vaporizers... my newest love...
    I have me an Iolite portable vape and I have to say it's one of the greatest inventions ever... I love the taste of the vapor, I love the fact that it doesn't burn my thoat like joints... I love how I save a SHIT TON on weed...

    I'll still smoke a spliff or 2 every now and again... It's helping me ween myself off of Tobacco... but less and less these days...

    oh vape... how i love thee....

    peace and:smoke:
  8. I love vapes but there's nothing like taking a bong hit. It just kind of feels like tradition. It feels sort of strange sitting there inhaling from a bag or tube, ya know?
  9. I've taken one bong hit in my entire life. Maybe that's why I'm so unwilling to look back.

    Great thread everyone, thanks for your responses.
  10. You can always hit vapor through a bong. :smoke:

    I'm largely a convert. I only smoke on rare occasions to obtain a fuller body high from the toxins of the smoke. I've owned the Da Buddha and two VaporGenies in my career. :hello:
  11. I've never vaped lol. Should i?
  12. vaporisers suck ... medical snobs ...
  13. I would definitely agree that a vape is the most effective and healthiest option, but I also believe there is a sort of weed "hierarchy" that must be followed to a certain point.

    For instance, no one should start smoking with a vape. Poorly rolled joints and $3 glass pieces are all part of the experience! Weed is something you should get accustomed to, and I don't think a vape is appropriate for anyone near their first time.

    Also, if you live in your parents house, I don't think you deserve a vape either.

    More or less, I just feel like a vaporizer is more appropriate for someone who smokes and smokes A LOT. If you're just some dumb high schooler getting high, wait a few years until you get a vape- because trust me, you will be missing out on a lot of the weed cultrue.
  14. i have two vapes, definently like the bag style vape alot more than a whip

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