im a chick who dresses like a dude

Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by stephisdead, May 18, 2010.

  1. im a lesbian with a masculine style, long dickie shorts, guys ts, wife beaters, nikes, spikin my hair out like pauly d.
  2. that's sweet. How's it working out for you?
  3. Doesn't sound too attractive but hey its up to you how you want to look.
  4. I just hope you aint gettin more chicks than me. How do you spit your game? What do you tell girls, as a girl yourself. Lol.

  5. She probably is. They have low standards :smoke:
  6. This. But I'm a guy so...
  7. I like it when chicks wear the dickies booty shorts.

  8. Who doesn't?
  9. I live near Olympia WA and we have a BUNCH of lesbians JUST like u!! :D

    For some reason a lot of them work at gas stations and quickie marts. I think the gay community has a lock on that here.

    I dont mind the gays at all. As long as they dont try to convert me I am cool. :D

    I am also afraid if some of em. I think some of those girls would really kick my ass in a fight. :(
  10. I dont mean any disrespect but do you want to be a man? is that why you dress like one? Ive noticed that theres always a butch in a lesbian couple why?

  11. They want to attract women. :D

    I see butch lesbians with FINE chicks all the time. They are just trying to get some pussy like us. :D
  12. haha random post but, yeah me too. i know most people dont find it attractive, but its what im comfortable in so fuck it.....:smoke: and people always call me dude and man even my friends i think a lot of people just percieve me as a guy....
    but i have a question for anyone, are you intimidated by it? when you see a girl with short hair and wearing mens clothes do you assume they are a lesbian? not always the case with me.. im bi, but i think i scare off guys :rolleyes:
  13. Nope, not intimidated at all. Butches can have all the girls they can get, it's not like there's a shortage. I do find it annoying when butches try to hit on straight chicks and convert them. I don't have a problem with this from a competition stand point. I just find it perplexing that the butch would be offended at a guy trying to convert a lipstick.
  14. i dont have any problem getting chicks, and as the more masculine one, i usually wind up taking out some hot cougars or a girl i can dance with. and no, i dont want to be a dude just cause i buy my clothes in the mens department. im perfectly happy with being female.
  15. Gimme some tips

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