Im a celebrity Get me out of Here

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  1. Yea well iv'e sat through about 20 minutes of it, and I have decided it sucks.
    Stupid people fighting, and making fools of themselves.=reality tv
  2. Ahaha i was watching this, its the funniest shit I've seen in a while thats how stupid it is.
  3. what is it? let me guess, mtv?
  4. Started on NBC, but I think it should be moved to MTV because its trash
  5. I have watched !!
    It is awesome.


    My childhood memoery...
    heroes dvd
  6. Someone needs to throw janice dickinson off a cliff, bitch is annoying.
  7. my mom watches that cuz she went to highschool with john sally aha
  8. the only reason why i watched the first three episodes is because i didnt get my converter box yet and i didnt have anything else to watch.

    its stupid and a waste of my free time.
  9. Yea that would be about the only reason to watch it, even then I would rather roast a bowl and stare at the back of my eyelids then watch that show :)
  10. I hope everyone on that show besides John Sally becomes impotent.

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