I'm a business genius. Nobody steal this.

Discussion in 'General' started by simmer, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. If weed was completely fucking legal like cigs and beers, and there was a lounge which had some tall, fat friendly guy in it (me), and the place itself was cool with lava lamps and themed rooms and TV's and radios and all this good stuff, places to hook up your video game consoles, ipods and what have you. Hookahs, borrowed bongs, prerolled joints and stuff. Comfy couches and shit. The whole nine yards so to speak.

    What if I just fucking had groceries at my lounge and yall paid me to make munchie food of your choice? I'll have a pantry just like one you'd have at home and I'd open it up to let everybody see. Cereal, pasta, home made hamburgers and casseroles.
    Shit would be dope would it not!? :D

    Would yall pay to come and smoke some weed and have me cook for yall? I mean damn that sounds like heaven to me. Smoking, cooking and schmoozing with customers/friends:)

    It's my American Dream.
  2. Hmm good idea, i would go there.

    how good at cooking pasta are you?
  3. I'm not terrible by any means. I can make it way better by putting some italian sausage or seasoned meat in their. To be honest I'm like a mad scientists when it comes to seasoning with herbs and spices. Mad scientist in a good way of course ;)

    So the sauce itself will be as good as the jar it came in...maybe some roasted garlic to put in there. idk, whatever the customer wants! :D
  4. Dude I hate to break it to u but I already beat you to this idea... and I called it a resturaunt.
  5. If you were truly a business genius you would have used the search button and realized there are already many, many ultimate stoner lounge threads.
  6. That already exists where I live. Its called the vapor lounge.
  7. So we're coming to your place, but we have to pay for munchies?
  8. Congratulations, you're the 9,854,754,325,869th person to think of this.
  9. Don't they already have those in Amsterdam? Still not a bad idea though.
  10. lol, so true.
  11. I would go there even though it is completely unoriginal.
  12. Fuck yeah. Youd hate me though... Id never fucking leave haha :D
  13. I think it would be doable in an area where there are many people who use weed AND if that place already doesnt have hose smoker lounges....good idea imo...
  14. Well to all of you "haters" out there.....ahh I blame myself -_-

    Ok so maybe my idea is unoriginal but when you live in a wartown where there is NOTHING else to do other than go to the "new china buffet" that opened in one of our countless strip malls, then maybe you'd understand just how revolutionary my idea is haha. We're not some desolate mountain town or something. There are TONS of people here but for some reason we have NOTHING fun to do :(
  15. oh dont get me wrong dude, i would be your number one customer. i was just pointing out the fact that some one had indeed thought of this before. that does nothing to how good ther idea is.
  16. You want me to pay you when I could just head over a friends house?
  17. i saw a thread like this a week or so ago. good idea, but its been thought of by not only me, but im sure every other stoner.
  18. I thought of it at one point as well then realized so had everyone else.

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