Im a boss lol

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PurpppDrooo, Aug 9, 2011.

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    So the other day people were pissing me off, mostly ex girlfriend saying i fucked this bitch, that bitch, a bunch of nasty sluts. So i needed to mellow out, smoked the last of my white widow, popped 2 xanax and went to a friends. I gave him 3 zans and i took 2 more so im at a total of 5. We smoke a couple bowls and about 30 minutes lator im freaking out from the zan, i wanna do something im motivated i just wanted to party so bad. So i grab 8 of my beers, and run outside with a knife.

    ONE AFTER ANOTHER, shotgunned them like a fucking champion! 5 zan bars and shotgunned 8 beers with in 5 minutes. I felt amazing and then i like blacked out. All me and my friend remember is sitting on his bed watching tv, he went downstairs and came back to me barfing out his window, and then he started to puke out his other window and we passed the fuck out.

    I woke up at 5 and looked around and im like how the fuck did i get here and were am i? I was legit scared i thought i was in my bed at my house, and i was still fucked up, i went outside and got a soda cause my mouth was so dry. It was nuts.

    5 zans and 8 beers within 5 minutes omg. I have no memory of anything besides what i said, i wonder what we did lmao.

    Oh we had to work at like 7 30 and me at like 10. So i walked up to the place i worked, slight hangover, crawled into one of his old trucks out back and passed the fuck out, this was at like 7 am and it was pretty cool out, i was hallucinating my my sleep and shit probably because from lastnight and i the 3 hrs i was in there the temp outside went up like 30 degrees. I finally come out of my like hallucinating dream coma and open the door and like melt out of the truck onto the ground. Then i started working like 5 mins after that lol.
  2. were you really legit scared?
  3. hallucinating while asleep? you mean you had a dream?
  4. No dude its like sleep apnea or something. It happens when i don't have enough sleep and its really hot.
  5. idk OP you just got really fucked up and went to work the next day.

    I been there, we all have :cool:
  6. Texas Shwag.
  7. So you got ridiculously fucked up and drunk and chilled with your one dude friend sitting around and watching tv, till you started feeling like shit yacked and passed out and you remember nothing.

    Yea bro your totally a boss :rolleyes:
  8. lol.

    just.. lol.


  9. Holy fuck OP. One day I hope I can be as cool as you and get as fucked up as you did. I guess a guy can dream. Also, seriously, cool story bro. You should write it again, and add how fucked you were a couple more times. That was my favorite part.
  10. So much fail.

    Talk of other drugs - strictly forbidden and against GC rules.
    Got fucked up too fast and passed out - what a waste of resources.
    Bragging about being too immature to properly hang.

    Is that what your life is about? :confused: :smoke:
  11. you all are a bunch a fuckin "haters"
  12. :rolleyes::rolleyes: There are times it is called for. This is one of those times. ;)

    Not hating just trying to clean up after the ones that disrespect the city. :smoke:
  13. H8ter5 g0nn4 h8tttttttteeeeeeeeee
  15. this is what i imagine op to look like.

  16. ZOMG I took like 15 zans and like drank like 25 beers OMG I'm a boss playa ya ya ya I'm rad got FUZECKED UP, SLEPT, WENT TO WORK................IM A BOSS.
  17. Lmao. well im happy to be that guy with the cool storys and ur bro, but hey. at least im not that pale white skinny little internet bitch like 75% of this website. With ur "trolling

    things, and you're pictures, and im the immature one here. i am willing to bet 3 out of 4 of every person on here is a basement dwelling bitch.

    No other drugs who ever is hatin on that get over bitch go sniff some coke put some hair on ur balls lol
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    In before ban. This post violates so many rules.

    Don't be butt hurt OP because GC doesn't rock with your weak drug addiction.
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