I'm a beginner making every mistake

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  1. I decided to do this on the spur of the moment, and of course, I"ve done everything wrong.

    First I bought a cheap low watt LED light.
    I got Sativa seeds.
    They got stretchy. read up and got a better light.
    They were slower growing than I expected. Then I realized the soil I started with was 'barky'.
    The better light burned them because I put it too close.
    Now, I think I've been misting them, which caused damage to leaves when the light amplified on the misting and burnt them again.

    So..if you are newbie:
    1. Indica seeds.
    2. Don't get soil with shredded up bark in it. Get good soil and add perlite too it.
    3. Don't over water.

    I was very disappointed with how slow my plants were growing, and I know all my mistakes made things worse...but...they did rebound.

    I'm have no idea if I will succeed or not with these two, but I am open to any and all advice.


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  2. The water on the leaves thing is a wives tale man, i do it all the time and they've never burnt. If anything burnt them it wasn't the light magnifying in the water it was just something in the water. As long as the water is a good ph, not full of nutes and the soil isn't soaked they love a misting. I don't do it in flower though cause i'm not a fan of rot. They look like they're gonna make it to me no problem long as you fix what was goin on i don't see why they wouldn't.
  3. What's wrong with sativa? Hater.

    What's your set up now? Let's get this poor thing growing!

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  4. It seems you didn't really research anything before jumping into your first grow.

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    If you notice some of the leaves on the bigger plant...at first I thought maybe a pest was eating them, but I can find no sign of that (plus the smaller one isn't getting eaten). So, doing some reading, that led me to conclude that maybe the leaves were getting burnt because of the misting.
  6. Did you get nutrient water on them when you fed? I don't really know about what did that, they do look like something munched on them. Usually when they burn they turn brown they don't just disappear.

  7. Nothing wrong with Sativa, again, just from reading it seems like they say it's not a good choice for a rookie.

    I've got a dedicated closet.
    600 W full spectrum LED on an 18 / 6 Timer.
    I've got Organic potting soil / perlite mix
    I've got Alaska Fish Fertilizer (5-1-1) but I've only used that once so far.
    They are supposed to be a Columbian Sativa.

    I had them in small containers, but was a bad barky soil mix...so changed to the premium organic soil when I moved them to the bigger containers. They both struggled for a week, then boom the bigger started looking good. Now this week, the smaller one is really starting to look much better.

    Looking at Youtube...I see examples at 2 weeks that look better than mine do at 4 weeks...but of course, I think the Sativa is slower growing? And then..after the mistakes I've made...just seeing them start to real veg is very cool.
  8. That's what I thought about the bigger one...but I can't see any sign of larvae / flies etc. Nothing on the bottom of the leaves. Came across something yesterday where someone said misting while the lights were on could cause it.
  9. Tru Dat. Went to an Anders Osborne concert and came home realizing I needed weed.
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  10. They'll really take off after they root out in the pot a little too. They're nice and green just look like they've been in a bad environment for a while. They can take a beating it's good you didn't give up on em.
  11. Thanks. They look so much better in the last two weeks. I'm still a little baffled what the damage to bigger plants leaves is from.

    Also, since they are Sativa, I guess I was expecting longer thinner leaves, and I am seeing a lot of leaves but everything is very compacted compared to what I was expecting.
  12. Those look like indica or indica dominant hybrid leaves, they do.
  13. That makes sense to me. I'm going back to the Seed seller website to review what I bought. Maybe I misunderstood something.

    You've been a big help! Many thanks.
  14. what strain is it?
  15. That's going to be nice if you can nurse it back to health.
  16. I spent some time reading again, and although I don't see the silvery-white indications of Thirps, I am headed to the garden store to try Neem Oil on the plants and soil.

    There is definitely something eating those leafs (since we are ruling out the whole misting can burn them scenario).
    Thanks to all!
  17. Iast time i saw damage like that the dude was asking whats doing this and right there in the pic there was a grasshopper like an inch or two long sitting on the stem. Neem is good it has many uses, helps with powdery mildew from what i've heard and it can also help keep your odors down from the plants not to mention the pest benefits.
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  18. I have looked and looked, I don't see any sign of any bugs anywhere. Although apparently the thirps come out when the lights are out. I got an organic potting soil, I am assuming that these bugs had to be in the soil dormant or something.

    Hopefully Neem will resolve it.

    The only other suggestion I've found in threads was heat stress, but this is an LED that is a good 20-24" above the plant. I can raise that if the Neem doesn't help.

    Thanks for the direction!
  19. Thrip damage looks like little brown spots though doesn't it, i mean they don't eat whole chunks of the leaf like that do they? it's not the light doin that. somethings eating it. neem should kill any bug either way.

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