I'm 25 and i've had sex 3 times in my life

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    It's prolly because i look like this right

    Oh and it may or may not have been a pity bang btw. She came back twice after the first cuz she said my tongue skills were good. But i also look 12 especially if i shave my shitty facial hair and people mention mommy and daddy a lot when i'm clean shaven so explains why i've fucked up and had 0 success with college girls.

    Ololol this is is a whiny pity thread but fuck you i've suffered like hell i will speak my mind

    So my dick working well days are over right?
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  2. Get yourself a purple beret and brace yourself for the onslaught ...
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  3. men in uniform eh?
  4. urban chic
  5. well i'm trying to go through my whole athletic phase now, just a little late. i'm gonna get ripped (in both sense of the term) and go running around my college town shirtless. try to dress nicer and all that. of course nothing will replace risk taking and taking chances and just goin for it with the ladies which is really what i need to learn. maybe having balls can override my ugly face. maybe not. i wasn't able to even shave until this year. and now my own hair is slowly falling out
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  6. thanx! i missed it here. as you can see my situation has not improved, i think i'll try backpages as it may be my only hope
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  7. Keep your head up dude.
    There will be plenty pussy to be had.
    At least you’re not a virgin!
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  8. A scraggly beard doesn't look more manly then clean shaven. Get rid of the rest and just keep a little goat on the chin but don't grow it out long like some crazy people. Keep it trimmed. It will just make you look a little order then totally clean.

    The single most attractive trait for a woman is confidence. Hard to be confident when you're out of shape. Get a simple work out plan and stick to it. Don't let things bother you. Act like you have it all under control even if you think you don't. Fake it until you make it. Stay consistent and you'll notice differences in your body pretty quickly and so will the ladies. Women are also attracted to a man who makes them feel safe who they feel like can defend them.

    When I started working out about 11 years ago or so and finally being consistent women started coming out of the woodwork. Suddenly they're all checking you out when you walk in a room. It gets addicting and helps keep you motivated.
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  9. Puppies work well
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  10. ?
  11. At 5'6", staying in shape is my only hope
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  12. Totally true. I have seen some really ugly guys with very attractive women. Also people who aren't that smart but are somehow a huge success in life. It's very much about confidence. It's more important then actual skill or ability in some ways.
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  13. He's talking about the general rule, not those nasty little fine print exceptions like myself. CONFIDENCE IS ALL YOU NEED* (*unless you're short, neckbearded and fuck ugly)

    Funny thing is i got a 6 and a half inch long dong silver, it aint even whats in my trousers thats the problem. Alas if only it was that simple
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  14. Damnit I almost asked about small man syndrome.
    My nephew is a lot like you.
    Just be sweet and make her laugh.
  15. Idk if you are fishing for compliments but here goes. Now this is based off the fact that you didnt show your teeth in the pic. I would shave the white trash facial hair that you can barely grow in on your face anyway and rock the younger look. Idk if it is cuz you live in a college town with a bunch of hunks walking around but from the pic you look skinny and are not a bad looking guy( have you not seen other people in this world) confidence but not overconfidence is key. Also if you are just worried about getting laid there are plenty of sites these days crawling with bust downs.
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  16. Imagine how you'd feel if you were fat and going bald. You have an easy job ahead of you. Honestly quite complaining. 5'6" isn't that bad. Plenty of women shorter then that.

    That's about the only general rule IMO. Most women don't like dating a guy shorter then them. Same height is okay. Plenty of chicks between 5' and 5'5". I would say over 90%.
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  17. I made a girl i worked with laugh, consistently, and then some guy started teasing her about going out with me but then it came down to "if only he wasn't weird." and that squelched it. Fact is i was blazed, because at the time being blazed was the only way i had the balls to flirt. Moral of the story is learn how to game sober. Use the weed for those meditation sessions on formulating your master plan later, when you're alone. Pot just makes me overthink everything, should i choose to think.
    I'm not yet good looking enough for teeth smiles but i do crack them if i am drunk. I have cute widdle baby face daw. And yes my competition is the hunks who call guys like me buddy or chief. I'm not even skinny anymore, i'm actually kinda fat at 132 thanks to weight gain from Abilify 10mg my parents forced me to take when i moved in with them with no money and no place to go after dropping out of school since they think i'm bonkers. and let me tell you living with your parents at this age is hell, tho i have a new job and am gonna TRY to unfuck myself and finish school and solve all the problems at once. i'm actually strong for my size since i've been a painter and roofer, i could probably whoop a tall lanky dudes ass
  18. Alright. So what? Do you think you'd be fulfilled in life if you stuck ur cock in more pootang? It's a silly thing to base your happiness or self worth on. I think the real problem is your self esteem and your warped view of what's really important. You should talk to a professional who can really help you. Seriously. You're not gonna get the help you need posting shit like this on a weed forum. I don't mean that in any kind of condensing way or anything either at all. Psychiatrists really can help with this kind of stuff. You don't need to feel the way you do about your life. But if you can't take serious steps in changing and getting the help that can actually fix your problem then nobody else can help you.

    Good luck broski.
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  19. You're just setting yourself up to be pussy whipped when you finally get some daily. Don't treat it like the end all be all. Then you won't be a nervous about it or when/if it doesn't work out. So what. Another lady is another weekend away.
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