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I'm 19 and haven't smoked Marijuana yet

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NotPaulMcCartney, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Hello, I am a 19-year-old homebound student from White Bear Lake, Minnesota wondering how to get weed.

    I never really get invited to parties that often, and the ones I go to almost never have any drugs involved.
    I am EXTREMELY awkward when it comes to face-to-face talking, so I am really anxious about meeting a dealer.

    The SECOND problem, I can't find a dealer. My town is a nice and yuppy town that doesn't seem to have any obvious stoners in the public eye (Trust me, I've searched around).

    I just need some advice from some experienced stoners. Hopefully I didn't depress anyone too much about my life, haha. Thanks! :)
  2. I'm 19 too, I meet my dealers through work and also my friends knows some. You should ask your buddies or if you knew anyone in highschool since I assume you graduated less than a year ago

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  3. I was held back a couple grades.
  4. I am in sophomore year of college at the moment
  5. You should usually have no issue finding weed at a college...

    I work near a college and university, it would take me 20 seconds to source weed if i had to.
    I'd go up to the nearest young male that looks like he's into any kind of music, and just ask.
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  6. Yeah, wasn't sure if this dude was in school but heck even in my dental class I have a stoner buddy lol. You can easily find some.

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  7. Hi Samz not to bad thanks, Yeah but most are still about just in different threads. I dont know if you remember MF but hes got his own grow journal atm and cheesemonger comes to the uk growers thread now n again!
  8. I mean, fuck, it shouldn't be too hard at or around a college. Find ways to joke about it or talk about it in some way with people who could fit the bill, and begin a dialogue. It may take a little time, but it's not impossible. You just kind of have to be willing to put your neck on the line a little bit and say something. At that age, when I was sourcing connects that had something other than mids, I did this all the time, and while I didn't always succeed at finding steady hook-ups, occasionally I'd run across someone who'd just hook me up the one time. Which would at least be a start, right? Keep in mind a possible Plan B of maybe settling for someone who'd just smoke you up if they can't find a bag for you.

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  9. Get a job at any pizzeria in your town. Literally just pick one. Even if you only want to work 1 day a week- if you have a car or are responsible enough to show up even just a little late, they'll take you. You'll be working in a sea of dealers who'll be cool.

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  10. no real age limit for that. its whenever it opens up to you or you are ready for it. don't just treat it like alcohol
  11. How many grades were you actually held back, Forrest.
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  12. College is the easiest place to score. For me it was difficult NOT to find any, yet it's one of the elite colleges around here. Go to parties, meet new people and ask around (introduce the topic nicely, if they are comfortable about it, ask). Sometimes the person you least expect to be a user (for me it was the nerdy dude behind me in class) is actually a stoner. Taxi drivers, pizza dudes also tend to have contacts, just be smart about it and if something's fishy, try somewhere else. Enjoy college, don't miss out on anything, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to have fun and be free.
  13. You were held back a couple of grades yet you're a sophomore in college? Hm.

    Anyway, just ask people who look like they MIGHT smoke weed. I don't exactly look like I smoke weed, so I know that that advice isn't perfect, but I don't know what other advice to give. I started smoking when I was 16. My friend smoked weed and talked about it on occasion. I became interested in it and so she smoked out a few times and now here I am!

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  14. walk up to someone and say, "you know how i can get some weed around here?" done.
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  15. DNM reddit. Google that and read up.
  16. I'll tell you this: once you start talking to dealers your anxiety will go down a lot. I even dealt for a bit to random people I didn't know and made some really weird friends that were really chill and helpful people and some of those people were unmentionable addicts.
  17. All the posts deleted by the mods seem to be for the same reason. Maybe look into what the posts were deleted for, op.

  18. All I'd advise is take it slow, the last thing you want to to get too high on your first time and have a panic attack, especially is your disposition is more on the anxious side. Wherever you get your weed from just don't rush into it, take small hits, or even mix it with a non tobacco smoking mix, you'll be able to build a tollerence then while minimising the chances of having a bad trip.
  19. Just remember everyone does it

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