Im 18 and need a small personal loan...

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  1. So i owe a few people $$, and wanna pay them back.. Yes i was stupid and borrowed $$. Where can i get a small loan? I only need like $400, and i just found a job today. So what should i do, and where should i go? I'm willing to even pay it off in like a month or two. I thought about checking out my local credit union but i don't even know what to ask them lol
  2. Why don't you just work and then pay them off with that money?
  3. dont pay a debt with a debt man dont do it
  4. Good idea, but it seems like he wants to pay them back sooner, rather then later. I would think the job route is easier as well, sorry I cannot help with the loan OP, good luck
  5. Got any indians reservations around. I see commercials for this thing called big sky or something.

    They totally rape you with interest but they don't do credit checks and if you're really desperate they can get you the money fast apparently.

    I've never had to do it but I see their commercials all the time
  6. Cause i wanna pay them, sooner than later. So would it be possible to get a loan? I know i'd have to pay it off and all that, but i kinda made up my mind on this, i also have no credit score yet... So this is why i'm kinda asking.
  7. Maybe you could ask them for a loan? It's pretty wild but it just might work...:rolleyes:
  8. Are you in danger if you don't pay it off?

    Fuck them. Just work and pay them off.

    It makes 0 logical sense to pay a debt off with a loan..........
  9. several truck stops
    piece of cardboard
    a magic marker
    ...sign made to the effect of 'work cheap' and by Monday, you should have enough to cover both the repay and the penicillin shots you'll need....;):wave:
  10. Not so much in danger, but it gives me a bad rep which i don't want... I just used to do some totally stupid shit, and paying them off sooner would be better than later
  11. Big sky lending. They will absolutely rape your butthole with interest but they can give you the money in 24 hours.

    But like someone said, paying a debt with a debt is not a good idea.
  12. Good idea man. borrow money and the borrow more money to pay back the people who you borrowed money off and then how are you going to pay back the people who your borrowing off now ?
  13. I just got a job today, thats how.
  14. what, you never seen the comeercial.

    need cash now, call jg wentworth
  15. i know a guy. he might ask you for a few favors in the future though.

    and he may or may not break some fingers if you are late on payments. but he could care less about credit scores.
  16. It's' my money, and I need it now.

  17. I may have solved your problem.
  18. 1 problem

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