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Ilove weed because it made me feel beter with food poisioning

Discussion in 'General' started by letsmokeasweet, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. hey fellowsmokers
    so 24 hours ago i got hit with some nastyass food posioning. im not gona go into details because i feel sick still thinking about last night but im sure some of you already know

    so i am up all night being sick, got dehydrated and had some major major muscle cramps. i couldnt move, because if i did, one muscle would cramp. if i moved another way, anothe rmuscle would cramp. it was kinda pissing me off, but i was to tired to even care.
    i actauly gave up going back and forth to the bathroom and the bed so i feel alseep on the bathroom floor
    it was probaly the worce sickness i had....i say on par as when i split my spleen and was in the i.c.u. for a week when i was 7yo

    so i am just laying on the floor stairing at the wall, im still feeling it, everything hurts, and i remembered last time i got food posioning i smoked some dro

    and so i got myself into the garage where i smoke at.
    threwed the first peice of dro i saw in the pipe and took a hit

    omg i took too hard of a hit, caughed and i started cramping again really bad
    got over the cramps like 30 mins later and i noticed i didnt feel as bad with the other sypmtons i was having

    so i made me a bowl of all the small peices of dro i have saved over the last few weeks. it had some sour d, 2 kinds of og kush, blue dream, white willow, white ryno and sweet tooth in it

    it took me almost 30 mins to get though the bowl, i took small hits because i didnt want to cough again lol

    and like roger on american dad says omg omg omg

    i feel beter! and i was able to drank a bottle of gatoraid, and i ate a banana for the cramps.

    and i have to say the medical marijwuana thing is not a scam. i kinda always thought it was just a reason to legalize it.
    it really does help.
    so i am glad. i just wish that more people knew and understood the effects but im jus preching to the choir riiight?

    so, share it with someone else who is sick. make them take a couple of hits and see for themselfs

    thanks weed :)
  2. cool story bro

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