Illy bong - healthy way to smoke?

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  1. So would a bong be a healthier way to smoke rather then a joint or blunt?
    Me and my friends are going to buy one.
  2. The general consensus is that the bong is healthier for you, due to the water filtering out many carcinogens (including a little THC). Much better than a blunt, no doubt.

    Vaporization is the healthiest, but I honestly don't care, I'll smoke a blunt, bong, joint, etc.
  3. Is it even better for you?

    I saw that it does less filtering or some shit.

    I know it cools down the smoke which is good though
  4. No, it filters it more, and yes, it is healthier as long as you aren't inhaling water vapors.
    With papers, the smoke resin gets stuck on the bud and wrap as you smoke it, and eventually, burns into your lungs. With bongs, the water filters that shit out for a purer hit. So instead of all that sticky carcinogen filled garbage going into your lungs, a very good bit of it is caught in the water.

    - Papers, pipes, etc kind of gum my throat up (feels kind of sticky and phlegmy), while bongs generally don't do this.
  5. how long ya'll been smokin there guys?
  6. How do you stop inhaling water vapers if you are using a bong?
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  7. hahaha mofukka!
    breathing steam (aka water vapor) cleans/clears the lungs /note spas and steamrooms
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  9. yup I can attest, a joint now a days fucks with my asthma if I'm not up and on the move. but bongs are okay, plus if your worried you could try out a carbon filter and hemp wick with your bong aswell. both help for a cleaner smoke and lessens the harshness, wich can be good for the newbies. but also lethal since you could take a bigger hit then you think. an then have you lungs freeze up while trying to exhale.
  10. I may just get a vape

    Any suggestions will be using dry herb and under 125 ?
  11. plug in- da buddha, airizer, vapor bros (all good medical quality priced well below a volcano.)
    portable- pax or potentially firefly (portable vaporizers are usually less efficient, but are convenient.)
  12. How about the magic box flight?
  13. It would be a complete lie to say that no one has ever gotten a case pleurisy from using a bong. Although it's pretty fuccin rare, it happens. OP just get what you want, you're smoking, it shouldn't even matter lol. Me and my buds have been using bongs for years and we're fine.

    MFLB is a great/inexpensive vaporizer too, btw.
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  14. definitely a possibility, I stopped hitting my bong with ice for this reason.

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