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    Hello GC
    Heres my illustrated grow journal-frequently updated and open to everyone for questions comments or answers..please feel free to add your 0.02$
    Medium: coco/perlite 65%/35%
     about solo cup size to 2gallon-3gallon pot sea of green
    Miracle grow perlite..  pH 5.7-5.8 Temp 69-84F lows and highs
    4 in Veg and 1 is in flower- soon to harvest and we begin clones from the veggies
    Light-400w HPS for flower room-tent(closet size/shape)
    supernova reflector-tempered glass -400w preconnected ballast
    4"inline fan 170cfm growbright - 4" carbon filter(switched around and blows thru prefilter/filter exhausting into the room(from outside tent)) works well so far.  did this because reflector is air cooled and 1 sided as is the filter, so Y duct wouldn't work.
    1 oscillating fan
    Veg room (area in closet next to tent)
    2' T5HO flouro connected to a reflector
    2 cfls 2700s  1 fan
    Nutes Aqua Flakes A and B - always equal parts going about 4ml/gallon-8mL/gallon about 1/3 of the gallon is used to be "dunked" (bottom fed) 1 or 2 times/that feeding day.  fed about every 2-5 days
    Calmag 3-6mL/gallon on feeding days.
    Schedule is feed/feed/water  I have 4 plants so I basically water or feed one   once a day
    during the water times, I top water to gather a good ppm count and maybe even water a bit more as a mini flush.
    Genetics Kaya Gold (f) x2 Freebies x2
    all 4 are from seed and 7weeks in veg
    The "to much time on your hands" method of feeding - 4 veg plants set up in a square. only 3 need drip trays because only 1 plant is watered per day.  The next day that watered plant is moved back and the next plant is taken out to water and is then put in its place. (rotating all 4)
    I find this rotating method effective because it displays more results or data to base your next "plan of action"
    ppm @ .70  and pH meter adding nutes at 5.7  Now for the illustrations     flower went to 12/12 on 8/28- its now 10/29 day 63 I believe.
    the other 4 Veg went in on 9/3 germinated (rockwool to 2gallon) (which is too big btw, need to step up size)  Welcome to my first of many grows!  and ill need advice as we go.

  2. IMG_20140904_184737_543.jpg IMG_20140904_184745_330.jpg this is the fan filter - reversed, with the prefilter cut to size on the inside. Exhausts no odor with tight 4" ducting.  IMG_20140904_184828_310.jpg IMG_20140904_184840_315.jpg IMG_20140904_184849_753.jpg IMG_20140904_184851_542.jpg IMG_20140904_184900_760.jpg IMG_20140904_184908_498.jpg IMG_20140906_121943_035.jpg IMG_20140906_121956_668.jpg totally left the dome on too long and too moist and it was drafty so I had a loss. and it was non ph'd tap water- the one that is dying there and was thrown away later. (bagseed)
  3. IMG_20140908_124452_580.jpg IMG_20140908_124510_405.jpg IMG_20140908_124512_656.jpg soon that 5 became 4.. :confused_2:  and so I learned that the dome isn't even necessary, but I will use for the first few days only after sprout.  I may go from paper towel to coco next time even. - also learned that temps are major at this stage and mine weren't steady and too wet so the damp, or whatever its called. no good.
    So something to know is the flowering one in the tent was started outside as a "thrown into pot of soil" outside.  Was a bagseed and dubbed the "motivator" as it spawned a 400$ trip to the hydro store.  Enough about her history, but she is soil and had fungus gnats and pH was more the issue. :eek:   ..moment..bong :bongin:  ^_^ now able to sit and type longer due to the medicinal effects of cannabis.
    Here is "the motivator" and a few pics in Order
  4. IMG_20140822_175145_971.jpg see how Nothing is set up :metal:
    it begins
    IMG_20140822_175310_898.jpg IMG_20140911_195725_242.jpg IMG_20140911_195747_684.jpg IMG_20140917_130923_905.jpg I think pH here more than the fungus gnats, only a few. and Assasinated-later on that IMG_20140917_130930_974.jpg IMG_20140917_131158_887.jpg IMG_20140917_131214_304.jpg IMG_20140917_131329_733.jpg IMG_20140917_131332_674.jpg about 4-5 days later IMG_20140921_183305_158.jpg IMG_20140921_183314_696.jpg IMG_20140921_183334_881.jpg IMG_20140921_183337_006.jpg IMG_20140921_183342_193.jpg IMG_20140921_183356_819.jpg IMG_20140921_183403_165.jpg IMG_20140923_114902_572.jpg
    so over excited and over watered and got mosquito dunks and ground them up and sifted around the soil and also watered it in with next feeding.  Also used a bowl with soap for the adults and just today after a while of gnat free, I got a preventative neem oil! :D no mercy I want clean!
  5. IMG_20140921_183403_165.jpg IMG_20140923_114902_572.jpg IMG_20140923_115000_424.jpg IMG_20140923_115010_667.jpg IMG_20140923_115020_495.jpg IMG_20140923_115033_925.jpg IMG_20140923_115041_832.jpg she was in a 1 gallon pot :confused_2:  :confused:  :eek:  I didn't know xD so I transplanted into a 3 gallon pot with some coco/perlite around her.  Yes, coco/perlite around the soil.  also started to feed the hydro nutes also and fixed the soil pH to 6.3.  I was using the hydro 5.8pH and you can see the plant is nite locked and starving. and fungus gnats..  more pics IMG_20140926_133105_798.jpg IMG_20140926_133131_017.jpg IMG_20140926_133138_111.jpg IMG_20140926_133146_323.jpg these last 4 pics are of her in the 3 gallon bucket. and day 29 into 12/12 .
  6. More later, must play swtor and blaze, still 1 month of pics to go and the new 7 week old 4 Veg plants pics.  post to come in hours
  7. Continuing on with the pictures of the 1 bagseed soil with coco around her.  now in her 3 gallon here is more pics. IMG_20141011_191749_715.jpg IMG_20141011_191800_962.jpg IMG_20141011_191818_408.jpg IMG_20141011_191825_283.jpg IMG_20141012_231707_721.jpg IMG_20141012_231714_214.jpg IMG_20141012_231719_100.jpg 9 days later or so IMG_20141020_175207_561.jpg IMG_20141020_175218_201.jpg IMG_20141020_175234_456.jpg IMG_20141020_175240_359.jpg and 2 days later
    IMG_20141022_111034_209.jpg IMG_20141022_111039_783.jpg IMG_20141022_111152_596.jpg IMG_20141022_111145_771.jpg IMG_20141022_111048_972.jpg IMG_20141020_175240_359.jpg   sorry about the HPS, took last few right after lights on.

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  8. this is the next day, 23rd.  so now we are up to last week from today. and around day 55. Why is this taking so long xD IMG_20141023_231022_462.jpg IMG_20141023_231036_605.jpg IMG_20141023_231354_905.jpg IMG_20141023_231400_709.jpg IMG_20141023_231408_933.jpg IMG_20141023_231414_042.jpg IMG_20141023_231418_530.jpg IMG_20141023_231428_292.jpg
    4 days later =3 days ago
    IMG_20141027_163308_918.jpg IMG_20141027_163317_199.jpg IMG_20141027_163349_171.jpg IMG_20141027_163359_967.jpg IMG_20141027_163418_448.jpg IMG_20141027_163436_540.jpg IMG_20141027_163448_626.jpg IMG_20141027_163509_915.jpg IMG_20141027_163533_572.jpg
    This is the latest pics of the "motivator"  she is in about day 62 (after a min I am going to count all days and snap another photo, Even tho she is in the HPS.  What I did was sorta wiggle the buds away from the main stem, and then ill ask again  What might this yield?   or an idea    

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  9. Today is day 63.  this is taking forever xD.  There are a lot of white pistols on the main cola and the buds further down are a lil more red and receding.  dense buds, foxtails all over. so far so good I think, im just ready to give it 48hours of darkness.  I think that's what I decided I should do.  As of now the soil is drying out also.  Is that supposed to be done also?  Flushed down to around 350ppms 8 days ago I believe and light watering once after that.
    The trichomes seem formed (mushroom like) and cloudy white, but no amber that I can see.  I think that's what I want to be waiting for ?   Thoughts thoughts?, just start typing :D
  10. here is a pic today, day 63 (some of these pics are bads sry :smoke: ) IMG_20141030_153318_504.jpg IMG_20141030_153320_735.jpg IMG_20141030_153358_132.jpg IMG_20141030_153452_126.jpg IMG_20141030_153516_568.jpg IMG_20141030_153520_595.jpg IMG_20141030_153706_534.jpg IMG_20141030_153708_781.jpg IMG_20141030_153716_104.jpg IMG_20141030_153730_422.jpg
    :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:
    So what are some opinions if we don't know the strain, it looks like this, and I like a heady sorta high with some pain relief.
  11. shall I move to 48hrs dark?
  12. I looked with my microscope today and I "may" have seen 1 amberish color one.  I'm not sure.  A lot of milkies tho.  :metal:
    so I pulled out the "orange" pot for watering today.  freebie one, and I think its a sativa dominant.  Any thoughts?
    while "dunking" her for feeding, I decided to try LST with rope from the dollar store!  it was 3 twines to make the rope so I cut a piece and unraveled the 3. heres some pics.
    Since these are all just pics on the web, I might try this with  parsley :laughing: IMG_20141031_124136_983.jpg IMG_20141031_124152_196.jpg IMG_20141031_124237_594.jpg IMG_20141031_124253_553.jpg IMG_20141031_124311_523.jpg IMG_20141031_124351_042.jpg group shot and seedling (well other 3) IMG_20141031_124438_016.jpg IMG_20141031_124444_312.jpg IMG_20141031_124455_200.jpg
  13. since 8:30pm last night - unplugged the light.  48hrs, so tomorrow night at 8:30 is open trim chop hang.  first time so any pointers?
  14. and first kaya into 12/12.  I think she is too small but that's ok, I LST'd and topped her and she Really responded.  this pic is the end of "the motivator" and the Beginning of kaya Gold 1, the pics aren't the best but all the tops are just about level and they are symmetrical and 2 others are quite long also.  All symmetrical so she is ready.  I think I could have waited another week on the harvest, as the amber trichomes weren't prevalent, or there even, lol.  Idk we shall see.  This last grow the mistakes were many.
    new grow, kaya, stay tuned. IMG_20141103_161234_345.jpg us the box setup I have here ok for drying?
    family photo IMG_20141103_173730_345.jpg
  15. Very nice effort but I would enclose the drying box;  light supposedly degrades things when drying and curing.
  16. little update.  2 kayas are going well.  1 that topped and LST'd with "spreading" like a Y and then let them go as soon as she went into flower.  THAT I will be doing again.  topped 1 time and pulled "apart" so other tops can grow and there are abour 8 tops!  
    The other kaya I tried to LST to 1 side and spiral around, but kinda failed so she is like a triangle growing tall from 1 side only will at about a 40degree angle.
    pics later
    also I lined the floor of the tent and 1 side with mylar and seems like it reflects better.
  17. AAAnd I cloned.  So I took 3 from the same mother (hopefully), and stuck em in grodan cubes.  I cut just above the lowest nodes or close to a branching and then made the 45degree with a kitchen knife.  I hope everything is clean, as I didn't use alcohol, but I did use gloves.  So I used rooting powder after dipping them in distilled water and then straight to the cubes. 
    3 clones in a dome in the cubes.
    so I use distilled water to mist the leaves right? how often
  18. heres a few pics.  if u zoom u can see the 3 clones IMG_20141114_163606_888.jpg these 2 are the seedling from before, not sexed
    purple one I started in that container, and the other I started in a  "solo" size container and transplanted to this "green" 2 gallon.  IMG_20141114_163611_785.jpg IMG_20141114_163616_290.jpg IMG_20141114_163630_389.jpg IMG_20141114_163634_249.jpg IMG_20141114_163648_489.jpg IMG_20141114_163705_193.jpg IMG_20141114_163716_193.jpg from left to right- unknown freebie -kaya-kaya
    the one in the far right is LST to 1 side with tops shooting all 1 way kinda, so its shorter, but the huge one is in a 3gallon bucket and only did the 1 topping(pinch back technique), and then pulled the "Y" sides apart to let other 2 tops grow.
    THIS I will be doing again, as you can see the difference. The one on the left is a spiral type of LST and almost made it full spiral around the pot.  figured I needed space to get this cloning thing down and more is better xD so we have 2 in flower. 
    Is this TOO much? for this tent?
    fan barely moves far side plant, but temps are ok.  Thoughts? riddle up my journal, helpful notes are great to look back on.
  19. :yay: We have a FEMALE, I think.  only about 4 days into flower I  think I see some pistols on the unsexed freebie!.  The other 2 kaya gold are Feminized so having this 3rd in there is fantastic!.  So, about a week apart, 3 girls in a tent:D :metal:  IMG_20141114_163630_389.jpg IMG_20141114_163634_249.jpg IMG_20141114_163648_489.jpg IMG_20141114_163705_193.jpg IMG_20141114_163716_193.jpg IMG_20141115_222605_576.jpg IMG_20141115_222614_844.jpg IMG_20141115_222627_817.jpg IMG_20141115_222637_195.jpg IMG_20141115_222657_080.jpg you can see the pots im using 2-2gallons and 1 3gallon ACE bucket.  I am curious to see the difference and I ran out of pots so im gonna finish in the 2 gallons I think.
    Also clones look healthy and mother, we hope. :ey:
  20. Damn you got yourself a nice setup, beats mine haha, only a bit left before you get lots of dope smoke to smoke luckyy, keep that shittt updated.

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