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Illusion glass bong

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by devilzlettuce, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. got this illusion glass bong in January and ive been meaning to put up pics but never got around to it but finally after almost 2 months here is my baby

  2. thats so sick man!, i wish i had one lol
  3. It is sick it hits like a champ
  4. it looks ridic def a show piece, but that looks like allll types of trouble lol. i knock my piece over all the time not from high places just knocked over(i keep my tube in my closet on the floor). hard shell case def needed
  5. damn that's crazy be careful with that guy
  6. whoa looks sick +rep or w\e it is now.
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    Thanks I make it's super safe I keep it under my sink right now so my dogs don't get it but I'm planning on buying a shelf ffor my room so that way I can put all my glass on display.
    I think I want to get a better ashcatcher though but I don't know how big the slide/stem or whatever it's called how do I measure it and what would be a good ashcatcher?
  8. No milk video!? This is an outrage.
  9. A can we get a milk vid

    B where can i get those things
  10. and wat would happen if u decided to put a 18mm bowl in that quick carb? mayb make a vid of that too :)
  11. All Illusion glass is 14mm. I love illusion, I have a 14" beaker bottom.
  12. idc about the size im talking about the female on the top
  13. so the part where there is three tubes, what are the two similar ones for?
    obviously the one has the percs, but does smoke go through the other two? if so, what is the point of the third one with the perc? :confused:
  14. milk or gtfo PLEEEZEEE
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    The 2 tubes that don't have percs are handles the smoke kinda goes in their but barley any most of it goes thru the chamber with the perc it makes the smoke very smooth

  16. There called natural percolators, and they really do help.
  17. Am I the only person who thinks that is a flawed piece of shit.

    Sorry op

  18. care to explain?
  19. natural percs go through water those are not percs at all
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    Am I the only one who thinks your a flawed piece of shit? Probably not

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