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  1. So what are your views on the Illuminati.In my opinion its total bullshit
  2. Wow. What an amazing start to this discussion...
  3. "Once you get the money, you get the power."

    The illuminati has the money. The 13 bloodlines are the richest motherf*****s out there. I believe that the illuminati could possibly exist, but since im safe and the government protects us, im fine, i dont worry about it.

    I've search 'the illuminati' in google and read some pretty interesting articles before. All the information does make sense and fits so perfectly with the real world, but hey, its just a conspiracy.
  4. Paperplanes is an agent.
  5. I think the illuminati is symbolically correct in the way that it shows that people who have a lot money are evil and don't care themselves (selling there soul) or anyone else.

    But I don't actually believe in a real illuminati..that shit is so fake.
  6. NoFlame already has a whole thread on this in Pandora's box. I personally love the subject though, so I'll go along with it.
  7. MaxAmmo is the Illuminati.:cool:
  8. I have reported this thread to the illuminati higher-ups.

    We are watching you. We have eyes all over the place.

  9. yep .

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