Illuminati, this shit cracked me up lmfao

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  1. Ok well, Ive been smoking some really nice AK47 all day.I somehow end up looking at all types of Illuminati shit and I find the oldest living descendant of the du Pont family ( one of the original 13 families of the REAL bavarian illuminati, yes the illuminati WAS real, but nobody knows if it still exists)

    anyway Im totally stoned and Im looking at this dude and reading some bio on him and his family almost worth a trillion bucks and starting to think it may be a little scketchy but trying to be logical and rational about things, so I read about him running for president and I see that george bush made a comment to him.

    Now if any of you remember george bush and his humorous face and just complete foolishness just imagine george bushes dumbass, goofy, voice and his childish attitude telling a living heir of the illuminati "youre nutty for trying to fool around with the social security system, and that name come on" I couldnt take it lol I choked on sweet & spicy doritos and my fiancee had to heimlich maneuver on me.

    Even if the du Pont family is no longer affiliated with the illuminati the comment by our ex president still cracked me up, I will never read comments, or watch videos of george bush while eating ever again.

    I'll post a couple videos if you arent familiar with his voice or how stupid he is lol
  2. Bush Never Stops Thinking About New Ways to Harm America - YouTube

    Bush says he never stops thinking of new ways to hurt our country and he says he will offend it too

    Time for Politics - President Bush Speechless - YouTube

    Lmfao bush gets asked if he had prior knowledge to 9/11..Uh...theres a time for politics?

    Stupid things done by george bush - YouTube

    georgie thinks that fish and humans can coexist peacfully, he thinks we should raise the age that juveniles can have guns, he is a west texas girl, to lay the frame work for the ground work for the brainwork for peace lmao
  3. who's george bush?

  4. He was that guy on Home Improvement. The one with the beard.
  5. You've never met George??


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