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ILLINOIS legislation!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Road RunneR, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Sounds like great news! I'm living in IL now, and my husband is getting sick of me begging to move back to Oregon.

    If you don't mind explaining, what happens at 'Public Health' and how far into the process of getting med MJ is this?
  2. I have the same questions as you do, though I have looked into the "Public Health" and can't really tell what exactly happens at that stage.. I'm hoping somebody whose seen this process play out in their state can help us out a bit.
  3. To be honest i have no idea. I live in california and ours past and what not but i dont remember it in the Public Health stage.
  4. Let's hope it passes!
  5. im in illinois myself right now. hopefully this gets passed and i can toke some good legal bud
  6. Haha you're about a week late on the news ;) As there's another thread about this, but GREAT news none the less!

    I am definitely crossing my fingers as well. My boyfriend just recently spent 48 hours in Chicago county for possession and plants, and it infuriates me so much to see such harmless people spending their days in a place that's so horrible just for trying to supply their own medicine (granted, the "bust" was done illegally as well, but that's beside the point, he still spent time for such nonsense).

    I will be applying for my caregiver's and patient license as soon as it's available. I'm hoping Ill. legislation doesn't take a couple years working out this Bill ....
  7. Wow. This just made my day.
  8. IIRC, they voted on this last year as well. It lost in the house (or senate, don't remember which) by only like 4 votes. Maybe this year is the year! :smoking:

  9. It didn't "lose", it was just sine die-ed, which means it was just dropped. That's why it's being brought up again. :) Unless I'm mistaken, but I remember reading about the bill a week or so ago.
  10. Soooo it went to Public Health today after being post-poned. Going to a public hearing for public health on March 4th. Anyone that lives near Springfield, it would probably be very informative to go!!!

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