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  1. 28 more days and the wait is over, hopefully we can open a club and regulate these rules [​IMG]
  2. I used to live in Gurnee!

    20 more days... Dispensaries will be busy AF!
  3. There are hardly any dispensaries and it will be awhile before new ones open up
  4. They already opened up a rec side not too far from where I live
  5. Where do you live?
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  6. I have several options within an hour or so drive from me. We worked on the one in milan.
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  7. Are you anywhere near Chicago? My brother lives there and he can hardly wait.
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  8. Dont get to excited a lot of cities have already banned sales of cannabis including most of chicago and they are already saying they'll be jacking up prices and selling low quality because the state didnt get the grow licenses out early enough and they wont be issuing transporter, infuser,and craft grow licenses until may. The 7 grow licenses that have been issued are all held by the same companies that hold all 20 medical grow licenses and the state plans to tax anything up to 35% thc will have a 10% state tax edibles will be a 20% tax and anything above 35% thc will be 25% tax and that's justa state tax it doesn't include city taxes. Look on hci alternatives website and check out prices cuz Illinois has the most expensive and one of the biggest weed markets in the country.

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  9. If anyone is curious is 5k to apply for a dispensary, infuser,transporter, or craft grow license and if your accepted it 60k for dispensary license, 40k for craft grow, 25k for infuser, and 10k for transporter. It didnt say how long the license lasts but if it's the same as the medical grow and hemp grow licenses itll be between 1 and 3 years

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  10. I know there is a medical dispensary near his house in Chicago but I'm not sure if that one will be rec after the first or stay medical?
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  11. Yeah, there are only about 25-30 or so that are licensed last time I checked. I live in the suburbs, and the closest rec dispensary will be 24 miles away.
  12. 2 medical dispensaries in Chicago got licenses to sell recreational but a week later the city voted to ban marijuana sales so I'm not sure what the plan is there

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  13. The o ly good thi g about rec is we wont get arrested or fined for small amounts. But nobody is gonna use the dispensaries other then maybe to go have a look once but they're taxing it so much on top of charging crazy prices nobody will be that stupid. The dispensary 5 mins from my house is charging between $45 and $95 for a gram of wax. So if your gonna but a $50 gram your gonna end up paying about $65 because of the %25 state tax then my city has a 3% tax so %28 all together that's almost a 3rd of the starting product cost

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  14. @Daisy, I am 2 hours from Chicago, in my city it was voted that they would want to open some sort of Rec shop and I am super close to the Milan dispensary. They are only down to CBD and apparently not a large selection of regular bud, everyone I know is leaving NTI to go to the Fulton dispensary. The rec shop isn’t open to purchase until Jan 1st but they are definitely building it
  15. I worked on the fulton commons right across the street from the Fulton dispensary. In 3 months i never saw 1 medical patient enter the place.
  16. Killset I have no clue brotha, the person I know just switched yesterday because they apparently have over 100 different buds. They’re going tomorrow, it’s always been a thing apparently
  17. Theres 100% definitely not a selection like that, Illinois is supplied by very few grows all owned by a couple different companies. As an example the 3 dispensaries I know about in Illinois only ever have 3 or 5 strains to choose from and the way over charge everyoneni know that has gone to a dispensary says their bud isn't any better and in some cases worse then what we get on the black market

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  18. Maybe I over exaggerated on the choices but at least 10 at the Fulton currently I believe, and the Fulton dispensary is definitely open from what I heard @killset
  19. Ya gotta give it time. I'm in rural Colorado and I can get $10 grams of good concentrate. 75% THC.

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  20. Colorado and Illinois are completely different beasts, you guys can grow whereas Illinois is regulating who grows so it's a very limited market, we've had medical for 3 or 4 years now and it's been the same since the beginning. According to the government Illinois will have the most expensive weed market in the country

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