Illegally Detained, Searched, and Arrested by the DEA

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    As I stated before, the supreme case that enacted miranda rights states anything you say after they are given is admissible in court, only if they need further evidence to provide a charge in court do you require them. If you charge based on provided evidence, you do not require them
  2. I might just be reading this wrong because I'm high, but the 2nd part of that sentence sounds like it's contradicting the first.
  3. Regardless of weather they have to follow the laws or not, DEA is not a force to be fucked with.

  4. If i'm not mistaken... they already have that. ;)
  5. Contact your local chapter of the ACLU, if your rights were indeed violated they will have a field day with it and most likely at minimal to no charge to you. I would talk to them before an attorney.
  6. my goodness man, be glad you weren't charged with transporting a controlled substance across state borders

    get a lawyer and go on with your life, you have two minor charges

    and I'm pretty sure the DEA doesn't need a warrant to search cars at a border crossing checkpoint if they have any suspicion
  7. If you havent touched the pipe say print it the shit is not mine.
  8. The law isn't based just on what we feel. Plenty of people get handcuffed because the officer is being cautious, and then get let loose without any charges or anything.

    Besides, you can legally be arrested and charged without ever being told your Miranda rights. It just means that they cannot use what you say after your detention as evidence in court.
  9. Does it matter anymore?

    he got a misdemeanor for what was in the car.

    i would be worried about getting my car refixed for free

  10. umm no the feds fund them too raid dispencerys
  11. sucks about the sunburn

  12. tell me about it dude
  13. These motherfuckers are on borders now? Jesus.
  14. :confused: Dude. Marijuana is not legal on the federal level. Raiding dispensaries is totally legal

    Though it isn't cool. And what the fuck are you talking about murdering dogs??
  15. A: Did it hurts?
    B: Did what hurt, A?

  16. LOL I like how you just state that they murder dogs. I don't know why but that's fuckin random and really funny.
  17. You shouldn't take the Interstate 8.
  18. You only need to be read your rights when arrested when they plan to question you. If you start admitting shit after you are arrested they can use it even if your rights have not been told to you as long as you have not been asked questions.

    Also, an attempt to possess charge? The fuck is that? How can they possibly know what a person plans to do?
  19. Charged with attempt of possession? Thats just fucked

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